Friday, March 17, 2017

CTT: Working Moms Vs Stay-At-Home Moms

There have been so many articles and open letters that has come up after Mira Rajput's infamous comment on babies and puppies.

I don't understand something, working mom or stay at home mom is a mom after all. All she wants is the best for her kid and in her own, way she does what she can do best.
Working or not, is the mothers choice, but end result is her child's welfare which I think, the mother knows the best. I don't understand why people are being so judgmental and defensive.

A mom working or not doesn't define how a child grows up to be.
If a working mom gets a relaxing coffee break at work, she is sacrificing the time to be with her child. If a stay at home is getting to be with her child, she is giving up on her relaxing time.
Both moms are sacrificing something, all for only one tiny person, her baby, who is and forever will be special to her.

Working mom and a stay-at-home mom have their own set of responsibilities which they fulfill pretty well. Applause to both category moms.

Why this comparison of who is better?
Every mom is special.
Accept it. Its not a competition

And FYI, puppies are like little babies and demand as much care.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CTT: Miss you....Maybe not

"Stay Away From Someone So Much That They Miss You, Not So Much That They Forget You" - Anonymous

This quote so perfectly holds true in my life.

So, the plot goes like this;
We have two office buildings an I have two teams sitting in each building. I split my time between the two offices. When I don't have a meeting in one of the offices; I don't go there, well because the that office gives me this lonely feeling because of its high-walled cubicles.

So, I went to the other office after say; a week and I HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN

My chair with my name sticker vanished (was found in a conference room)
My LAN cable vanished
Half of my stationery vanished
My team mates forgot that I exist in the office because I am tiny and hidden behind a huge pillar.
My water bottle looked sadly at me

This is heart-breaking. Me thinks me have to make my presence a little obvious here. Maybe I should suddenly break-out into a dance or something.

Friday, March 3, 2017

CTT: Your kid's age

Me: Hey, how old is your baby
Her: He turns 28 months in March
*in my head 12+12+4 = 2 years 4 months*

Dear Parents,

When you tell your kid's age. Say it in years after the kid is 1.
1 year
1 year 3 months
2 years
2 and a half years

Its simpler like that and frankly sounds sane too.

I mean, you never tell your age as 336 months old. Do you?

People who are not parents.