Wednesday, August 2, 2017

CTT: Lessons Learnt After My Wedding Shopping

I got married a few years back, and since its the wedding season and a very close friend of mine is getting married. I thought maybe I should wear my "Auntyji" cap and share the top five lessons I learnt after my wedding about wedding shopping

1. I spent all of my savings for my wedding - Bad idea
Keep a budget in mind for everything. Wedding is just one day. Use that money for honeymoon, or beautifying your new home after the wedding day

2. Do not spend too much on heavy sarees and lehengas. It's OK to rent them (if the elders are ok with it)
Trust me, when I say that you are never going to use them again. I haven't worn my wedding reception saree or the other sarees, after my wedding day, simply because they were too OTT for any simple event. They were too attention grabbing for any other wedding.
My mom got my five more sarees for the "just in case" functions which also have been worn maybe once in the first year.

3. Leave a decent margin while stitching those pretty blouses.
I regret not doing that. I have bloated enough to not fit in any of my wedding and pre-wedding blouses. A margin will ensure that you can use those blouses for a while (PS: I am on the verge of giving up on those beautiful embroidery work blouses *sheds tears*)

4. Invest on daily wear outfits, footwear and things.
Buy good kurtis, shirts, a few party salwar kameez, light weight sarees.
You are going to be invited for lunches and dinners at many relatives places on both sides, and obviously you won't be wearing your zari or embroidered heavy outfits. These things will come to your rescue

5. Avoid buying make-up that you don't already use.
You will have a make-up artist coming in for your special day and after that I am sure you won't walk around looking like a Christmas tree, three months after the wedding.
I used to read a lot of articles on what-a-bride-must have things. I got myself make-up things that I don't even know how to use, after a year they just got dumped in the thrash.
Buy, what you use now, buy what you think can be used later too

Those are my top five lessons from Your Very Own Drama Wali Aunty


  1. For an American wedding, I didn't spend too much. Maybe a thousand to a thousand and a half. Some Amerian weddings came go 10 thousand or a lot more than that

    1. Smart man. I regret not making smart decisions then
      Thanks for dropping by Adam :-)

  2. Afterwards we are always clever, but try to tell that to the youngsters, they all have to do their own experience ! I would never ever marry again the traditional way. Anyway now it's too late it's 48 years that I am married !!


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