Monday, July 17, 2017

CTT: Pollution in India

I have had quite a bit of alone time in the past few weeks, and I have taken a fancy to stand at my balcony and look at the vehicles passing by.

This Sunday, while I was standing in my balcony at say around 8 am, enjoying a cup of coffee,a random thought came into my mind.
I started to count the vehicles that pass by that inside street. 
In 45 minutes, on a lazy Sunday morning, I counted an alarming number for 623 cars.
I wonder, if a side street, can have that much carbon footprints on a Sunday morning, imagine the amount of pollution we create all over the city, and the country.

I had a chat with a friend of mine, and she rightly pointed out that, she felt guilty to travel alone in cabs, which I agree, we might reduce some amount of pollution if we car-pooled,or take the public transport.

We cut trees to make buildings. Then we look for greenery everywhere.
Now, a days people go on "road trips"for a breathe of fresh air because everything around is polluted, air, sky, noise, water, soil. Its painful to think, that our kids, the future of this country will be born, breathing the polluted air.

I wish everyone would do their bit to make India a less polluted place.

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  1. Regulations have hit American cities that used to be very polluted like LA and NY as they used to have super heavy fog, but their skies are fairly clear now. While going carbon zero might be unrealistic, trying to come close never hurts


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