Thursday, April 6, 2017

CTT: #Undertaker

A few days back, WWE wrestler Undertaker announced his retirement. Its been ages that I have stopped following WWE, but it has so much memories attached to it.
I used to watch it, when it was WWF,we had Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin (who for a long time I called Stone Cold Srivastav), Triple H, Dudley boys, The Rock, Chris Jerico, Big Show and so many more. Oh Yeah! How can I forget the favorite among the boys Trish ;-)

I remember buying a particular candy, only because they gave the WWE cards for free and exchanging them with friends LOL

Phew! So much nostalgia already.

Well, back to our man Undertaker.
I loved his entry. The entry music was my ringtone for a long time.
There were so many rumors about him then;

Undertaker is already dead
Undertaker sleeps in a coffin
Undertaker has nine lives and his lives are kept in a pot
Triple H broke 8 of Undertaker's life pots and only one is left.

Life was so simple back then.

With Lots of Love Mr. Undertaker Sir


  1. he was a big name in our childhood times

    1. He still is :-)
      Thanks for dropping by Shrinidhi :-)


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