Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CTT: Miss you....Maybe not

"Stay Away From Someone So Much That They Miss You, Not So Much That They Forget You" - Anonymous

This quote so perfectly holds true in my life.

So, the plot goes like this;
We have two office buildings an I have two teams sitting in each building. I split my time between the two offices. When I don't have a meeting in one of the offices; I don't go there, well because the that office gives me this lonely feeling because of its high-walled cubicles.

So, I went to the other office after say; a week and I HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN

My chair with my name sticker vanished (was found in a conference room)
My LAN cable vanished
Half of my stationery vanished
My team mates forgot that I exist in the office because I am tiny and hidden behind a huge pillar.
My water bottle looked sadly at me

This is heart-breaking. Me thinks me have to make my presence a little obvious here. Maybe I should suddenly break-out into a dance or something.

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