Thursday, February 9, 2017

CTT: Teen Mundi Bhoot (Three Headed Witch)

This weekend, we were driving back from somewhere are started talking about ghosts and ghouls, then the topic diverted to beliefs and rumors about ghosts.

Then I told Awin about the "Teen Mundi Bhoot" (The headed witch) rumor that was spreading in our school when I was about 7. (which I am sure many of my friends would remember)

The rumor was that the Teen Mundi Bhoot is a lady with long hair, bloody teeth and red eyes, wears a white gown and floats, knocks the door and eats up all the little kids at home. My brother, then was 3 and I started weeping my heart out saying "I need to go home and save my brother" 

I remember the teachers had to call my parents to pacify me and ensure that my little brother is safe.

Today, when I look back, I feel, even now if there is a "Teen Mundi Bhoot" lurking around to eat my brother, I would still weep and try to save him. (while I was saying this, my eyes got moist, my voice started to quiver)

First time ever, I saw the "Awww" look in my husband's eyes.

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