Friday, February 17, 2017

CTT: Happy Homecoming

I dropped you there, and saw your car go
I stood there, and looked as far as my eyes could follow
I start counting the days, hours minutes until I see you again from that moment on
I came back to an empty house, and sat on the couch until dawn
Your fragrance lingers everywhere
I may not admit, but so much I care
I feel your touch and miss your smile already
To stay alone, not yet, I am not ready
You are away just for a few days and it feels like ages
If my life were a book, you are its most beautiful pages
I lay alone in that cold bed
All I can think is you, in my head
I scroll down my phone and smile at your pictures
Those videos and all that cuteness
I couldn't sleep a wink, you are coming tonight that I know
I realized I love you so much, much more than I care to show

PC: Charoletteville

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