Saturday, February 25, 2017

11th Second-Birth Day: Gratitude Day

Today is my 11th "birth"day. If I am here, smiling and happy then all the credits go to the people who have supported me for so many years. I am blessed to have a beautiful family and amazing friends.
But, apart of my family and friends, there are a few special people whom I am eternally grateful for, they played a very integral part of who I am; and today on my "second" birth day, I want show my gratitude to them

Dr. Anil Bhatia 
I wouldn't be me, if it wasn't for you. You are, and forever will be my favorite doctor for life. I think its your optimism that rubbed on me and made me confident enough to show my "scary" looking hand and proudly walk in that hospital when others were covering their injuries.
Thank you for everything that you have done for me. You gave me my life back

Subhasis Sir & Prashant Sir
You hired me when I was nothing. I lacked skills, I lacked on experience and still I was hired. I have learnt all what I use on the technical front from you guys. I have learnt 80% of my MS Excel from you.
Thank you for encouraging me to do my Masters and help me complete it too.

Mini Manakame
She was my manager a few months back. She was a mentor to me. An amazing leader for her team. She had this regal air to her. The way she walked, she way she talked. I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to imitate everything she did. I wanted to learn so much from her in that small 10 month stint. She never got angry, always calm. At her position, she really didn't need to accompany us minions for lunch or actually come out of her office and say that she won't join. At that Level, she had no need to ask us minions about our lives, but she cared, she was compassionate towards her team, she dealt every situation so beautifully, be it a team achievement or a team issue, she just knew what to do.  She gave credits to a good job done. she taught me perfection. she taught me little things. she was there to guide me, very supportive every time. 
If I ever I have a team, I want to be like her. I am and will be in awe of her all my life

11 years, and some things just remain with you for life. Now, when I say what happened then, I feel like I am narrating a story. It is a story though, the longest, most influencing chapter in the story of my life. 


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