Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hi 2017....Ok Bye 2016

This is the mandatory new year post

Dear 2016, 

I loved you. but I think I would move on.
You were nice and everything. You did give me a lot of memories

But 2017 is giving me more hopes.


So that's how we parted ways with 2016

Why did I break-up with 2016?

It was well...nice...yeah that's it.
I grew up a bit. There were few significant decisions in my life. I traveled less than I did in 2015. My friends have got very busy in their lives and we hardly got to catch-up this year. My health was not that good most of the year.
We lost a few people in my country, which was pretty sad

Well, a few good things did happen; I went for a half month long vacation to one of my bucket list destination "Ladakh". I got creative and made some super cute DIY decors for my house and....this year ended too soon.
One really good thing this year was that it did keep up all my resolutions that I had made last year. 

2016 Resolutions

More attention to Rantzz of A Drama Queen: I did write a lot in this blog

One Week One post: I promised myself 48 posts by the end of this year. But, I almost doubled it up. 90 posts in Rantzz of a Drama Queen and 112 posts in my other blog at the end of December 2016 *applause*

But, I think I was over 2016 and he had to go. long.....

I have been told to make just three resolutions, its easier to remember and to manage so.

Hello 2017 *winks* 

This is our agenda for the year,

* Write a lot in both the blogs: By the end of the year, from May onward, I started writing much lesser than I used to. I just made excuses to not write. This year I am sincerely going to try again. Amen!

Shop Less, Save More: I impulsively shopped way too much in 2016. This year I am going to try hard not to. I have started making amends too, so that looks like a good start for now

Read more books and, complete at least 3  TV series: Last year, I did read but very less. I started seven TV series and completed just two, which is bad.

Now, 2017 I want you to be nice and bring me and my family a lot of good things, great news, plenty of money and a lots of peace of mind.

I love you already 


  1. Very lucidly put….I like the quote too….

    1. Thank you Jaishleen :-)

      Happy New Year!

  2. Replies
    1. Happy New Year to you too Prasad NP, Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Wishing you all the best in your creative journey in the year ahead.

    1. Thank you Durga prasad :-)

      Happy New Year!

  4. Replies
    1. To you too dear

      Happy New year and Thanks for dropping by Enchantress :-)


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