Tuesday, January 10, 2017

#Dashtalks Hi House

The situation was like this

Last evening, the husband was supposed to be at work and was coming home late, we spoke about it on the phone a few hours back and I reached home earlier than him.

I unlock the door of my house and enter the house, which was as expected, Dark

Then just for fun I said loud...mind you real loud "Hi House"

And deep inside my master bedroom a muffled sound comes "Hi, You are back"

I was stunned, scared, and was about to shit bricks and run ouy of the house when the husband emerges from the bedroom wrapped in a blanket with a stupid grin on his face "I thought I should come home and work, but I slept"

It was a mixed emotion moment for me - Relief, Anger, Dumb, Scared.

For one full moment, I couldn't trust if that blanket wrapped thing is my husband or some entity, but that stupid grin confirmed that this can't be no ghost. Phew!

I swear to the heaven up above, that never, never ever will I say "Hi House" again in my life


  1. That surprise was really good.

    1. Surpise?? Oh no no...it was a shock....I could have had a heart attack.

      Thanks for dropping by Rajesh :-)

  2. Replies
    1. I would never say that again....ever

      Thanks for dropping by Nikita


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