Wednesday, January 18, 2017

CTT: Do you mean it?

So, here I am on a weekend, plonked on my balcony swing with nice hot chocolate and a plate of shortbread.

I take a bite of a yummy shortbread, drop a few crumbs on my laptop that has a few social media sites open and very frequently I read people on social media sharing "I would travel and gather memories than gather a huge bank balance"

I wonder, how many of them really mean it.

I mean, honestly I can touch my heart and say, I would rather have a huge bank balance, a nice house of my own and limited travel memories than be broke, on the road and a lot of memories when I am old.

It's a personal opinion though.


  1. It is hard to believe anyone or anything these days..uncertain times

    1. Yeah, I agree with that

      Thanks for dropping by Nikita :-)

  2. Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog, appreciated. I have to say travel and building memories is very important to me.

    1. Thanks for dropping by LindyLou :-)

  3. I'll never be rich. For me travel is my number one priority and I economise on everything else! Any shortbread going? I can't afford any of my own!

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