Wednesday, June 29, 2016

CTT: Travel & Bank balance

I take a bite of Pickwick biscuit, drop a few crumbs on my laptop that has a few social media sites open and very frequently I read people on social media sharing "I would travel and gather memories than gather a huge bank balance"

I wonder, how many of them really mean it.

I mean, frankly I can touch my heart and say, I would rather have a huge bank balance, a nice house of my own and limited travel memories than be broke, on the road and a lot of memories when I am old.

It's a personal opinion though.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

CTT: Happy Father's Day, Appa

He cried when I cried

He stayed up all night to play with me, and went to work next morning while I slept peacefully

He got himself no new shirt, but brought me three new dresses instead

He taught me to make soap bubbles, He did it to make me smile

He stood in a long queue even while his legs ached to get me in a good school

We grew up together.

I turned rebellious, He turned more understanding

I screamed, He listened

I cried, He hugged

I left him & went with my friends while he sat home alone

We grew up more
A very old picture 

I started to go to work, while he ended his tenure

I had problems, he gave me all his support

I was anxious, he taught me patience

We grew up some more

He found someone who would love me more

I was time for me to go and he cried more

Guess we never grew up

He still calls me "Child"

He still worries for me

His little girl, I will always be, lucky I am to have you around me

Appa, I love you, I always do, for everything you have done. Thank you

Happy Father's Day Appa. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

CTT: Most Confusing Question in my life

Bangalore is one of the most versatile city I have been in. People from all over the country are here.

So, its very normal for people to ask "Whats your native?"

And that is the most confusing question of my life.


Well, I am born and brought up in Mumbai so I am a Maharastrian . I am an Iyer. My mother and father are from Kumbakonam & Pallakad respectively so I am partly from Tamil Nadu & Kerala. I am married to a guy from Chennai, so I am a Chennaite and I stay in Bangalore, so that makes me a bit of Kannadiga.

I can speak Marathi, Hindi, Iyer Tamil. I can speak not-so-fluent Chennai Tamil and Gujarati (staying in Mulund among Gujaratis helped). I can understand Malayalam & Kannada but cant speak both.

So, I just say I am a Cocktail.

Where are you from and Whats your native is not always an easy question to answer.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#DAshTalks Hair Color

I was super excited this Sunday. I have been thinking of getting a highlight on my hair for a while now and today I really got it done.
I was super scared, apprehensive & thought about going grey & bald, but when I saw the results I was dancing inside my head
I rushed home to surprise the husband

Me: Do I look different?

Awin: of course, your expensive facial is making your face glow

Me: Anything else?

Awin *blank look*

Me: Hint. Hair

Awin: oh, there is something on your hair


Awin *Blank look*

Me *resigned* I colored my hair

Awin: Oh, I thought the guy painting near the elevator dropped some paint on your hair. I was going to ask you to wash it off. Seriously

Me *raised hands* why did I even ask?