Saturday, April 30, 2016

A-Z: Zomp

PC: colorfinddata
This is the last day of the A-Z Challenge & I wanted to finish is with a different color & I am finishing this challenge with a 'Zomp'

Well, Zomp is a color from the Spring Green family. Its a shade of Cyan. Its 66% saturated & 65% bright. It was formed in 2007. (Baby color)


Its not the color that is fascinating
But, the name Zomp that is amazing

Zomp, the baby color, 2007 born has a zing to it
For the new age, it is a perfect fit

If ever, I have pets in life
I am going to name then Cyan & Zomp

This post is written for A-Z Challenge - April 30th - Color Zomp

Friday, April 29, 2016

A-Z: Yellow

PC: My house & my hand made crochet wind-chime
Summer is here
With happiness and cheer

Color for my house was looking so boring 
So, I added a little yellow & orange to do a little cheering

Pretty yellow curtains & orange side lamp
A cute hand made, crochet chime, up the ramp

Airy balcony & beautiful sunshine
All the revamping effort is mine

While I stand here and admire my house
"Awesome work" says my spouse

This post is written for A-Z: 29th April: (Color Yellow)

Short Story: Interview with the Ex - Part 2

In part 1, she gets a call from the old company for an interview again with the same department and the same boss who was never very nice with her.

Part 2 is about the day of the interview

She slept, that night with the interview call and the dialogues in her head. She carefully chose her best silk blouse and a smart expensive pant suit for the interview, with her diamond stud earrings.

She lay on her bed and said This time I am going to kill it

The next morn, she took her car to the interview and in her head she thought. A year back, I used to take the bus and reach all tired and sweaty This little thought made her chuckle.

Tee Infotech' the board stared in front of her face. The logo of the company had changed. She had liked the classy black logo with a Serif font. This one screamed 'desperate' on its face. She didn't like the new orange & green font at all. Hell, it was Tee Infotech not a Tutti Fruitti ice cream company. But why should she care. She is no longer working over here. Her current business card read 'Head of Marketing, Datasyst'. Had it not been the urge to meet her ex-boss... the chance to see him just once more... she wouldn't have thought of coming over here.

The security of the office recognized her. She was the only employee who used to speak to every person in the office.

Everything in this office still looked the same. She entered the office to see a new receptionist.

Her: I am here to meet Mr. Shateer Neygi

Here she was rehearsed thinking what she would say as soon as she met him... and this unknown lady was making her wait for 600 odd seconds. Great!

While she was lost in her thoughts, the receptionist hung up her intercom and said, Mr. Neygi will see you now.

She knew the way to Shateer Neygi's cabin. She had spent hours inside that room in the past. And even the uninitiated could read those block letters on the door of his cabin. She knocked the door

Come in, said the familiar voice with a deep baritone

In barely a few seconds minutes, she was ushered into the ex-boss's office. The boss shot an appreciative look towards her.

Boss: Hi, nice to see you again

Mr. Neygi
was a huge man by stature and a very powerful man in this field. His presence made her feel so small and the voice just vanishes. She could never call him by his name. She always addressed him as "sir" then. She gathers her fallen confidence and voice and says

Her: Good to see you too

Boss; So, I am looking out for a marketing assistant. Its a similar role you were doing a year back.

Her: Do you need a person as senior as me to do that job?

Boss: You were good at it

The conversation was going exactly as she had imagined in her head all this while, she thought about her achievements of this one year and her confidence shot up

Her: I am not good at it anymore, I am the best in this. She said with a satisfied smile

The boss had not expected this reply from this one time timid boring looking girl

Her: You see, after going from here, I worked with companies that have their policies in place. They treated me like I should be. My opinions were respected, I was in real the part of a team. It made me feel good and showed in my performance

Boss: You were getting paid 30000 per month when you left. I will give you 70 and a good joining bonus with it

In her head she thought, now, now I use my trump card dialogue.

Her *smiles triumphantly* I was earning 30000 per month when I left. Now, add one more zero after the last zero of 30000 is what I get now. I don't think this company can afford me any more.
Anyways, it was nice meeting you again Shateer. This might be the first time that she actually addressed him by his name.

*the girl in her head punched the air* shook his hand and walked away with wide smile.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A-Z: Xanadu

This is the color Xanadu
PC; colorcombos
Did you know that a color named Xanadu existed?
Well, I didn't

What is Xanadu?
It belongs to the green-grey family.

Where did the name come from?
Xanadu is a green-gray color that comes from a plant known as the Philodendron. The plant leaves are generally a green color with a tint of gray. This plant is widely seen in Australia, but it is said that the plant got its name from Xanadu, which was an ancient city located in Inner Mongolia, China.

What does Xanadu say about itself?
I am on of those rare ones who start with X
I am unique but look dull, like the suits of the execs

I am sold outside with a fancy name like gun metal
But, I am Xanadu in real

This post is written for A-Z April 28th (X for Xanadu)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A-Z: White

PC: Flickr
White was the winter
Cold was the snow
That day you promised me love

White was wedding gown
White was our honeymoon town
That day we made love

White was the diamond ring
White were the sheets, on the day of spring
That day our baby was born

White were the lies people said
White was the car hit, on the white seat we bled
That day was when I saw my life in a flash

White was the winter again
Cold was the snow again
Just like the day you promised love, we now lay buried 6 feet under the ground

This post is written for A-Z: April 27th (Color: White)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A-Z: Vermilion

PC: wikipedia
This post, this color holds an emotional value to me. It is a shade of red, and also the color of "Sindoor"

Sindoor is  is traditionally applied at the beginning or completely along the center parting-line of a woman’s head or as a dot on the forehead. Sindoor is the mark of a married woman in Hinduism. 
The sindoor is first applied to the woman by her husband on the day of her wedding.
Fun fact about sindoor: In hindi movies, when a man applies the sindoor on the girl's head she becomes his wife.
Sindoor is normally Vermilion in color.

Like every girl I had a dream of getting married someday
Like every girl I loved the moment when the groom put the vermilion kumkum on the bride's head, while the holy music play

Then came that moment, when I had tears in my eyes, when you put that vermilion on my forehead 
Promising love, in that moment, all unsaid

One of the few moments that I will cherish all my life
It is the day, when I became your wife

This post is written for A-Z: April 26th (Color: Verimilion)

Monday, April 25, 2016

CTT: My Make-up kit

This Sunday, after a many weekends I was at home relaxing, nothing to do. The idiot box had nothing to watch. The afternoon was too hot to go out. So I decided to browse some girly, make-up videos on youtube.

I realized a few things,

1. I do not own or know the names of half the things

2. I do not own a lip pencil or a liquid lipstick, in fact I do not own a decent lipstick apart from the one I got during my wedding

3. I do not know or have an eyebrow plucker

4. I didn't know that there is something called as a fake eyelash.

5. My mascara is as old as my mother and I threw it. I didn't know that mascara is supposed to have different brushes

6. My make up collection is humble kohl, eyeliner, and a fruity shine gloss

Me: I don't own half of these make-up thingys

Awin: Really? Then what takes you so long to get ready every morning

Me: I sleep in the bathroom

Awin: Ahh, the secret is out now

Me: Aren't you supposed to say, I don't need these because I look pretty and something like that

Awin *in a fake monotone*: Ok, You don't need all these, you look pretty. Happy?

Me *sighs, shuts the laptop* Ok I give up, Want to watch a movie?

A-Z: Ultramarine

So, I did not know colors from U. So obviously, I hit Google, searched and I realized something. Every shade of every combination of Red, Blue, and Green has a name.
PC: colornamefacts

The color that I have chosen is "Ultramarine" 
It is a deep, beautiful, brilliant shade of blue that I was referring to all these days as "That pretty blue"

Since it is a shade of Blue - The quantity of Blue is maximum than red and green which are more or less under the 20's

What I remember when I see this color?

I remember the day my eyes fell on it
Lovely blue,flowy and so beautiful with little twinkles on it
It was like, the color had the voice of it own
It was seducing to the core
It was calling me, to try it on
It was wanting me to feel it
I knew, by hook or by crook I had to own it
I opened my purse, so see cobwebs formed in them
It was heartbreaking to leave and go
I reached home with a heavy heart
A wrapped gift  with a white ribbon was sitting on my couch
It was from Mom 
I opened the gift to find the same pretty blue saree
With loud cheer, a jump in the air and a tear of happiness 
I ran to Mom and said "You are God, Aren't you?"

This post is written for A-Z: April 25th (Color: Ultramarine)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A-Z: Teal

PC: miriadna
Teal: It is a deep; blue green color

Fun fact about Teal: The name of this color is derived from the color of the eyes of the common teal from the duck family

Early this morning, with the teal color sky
Fluffy cotton clouds flying by
I sit on the rock near the pond and sigh
I see colorful ducks and a crane fly
I wonder, if these ducks know that the color of the sky is similar to their eyes

This post is written for A-Z: April 23rd (Color Teal)

Friday, April 22, 2016

A-Z: Saffron

PC: yming
This is the color I have been waiting to write. 

I am an Indian & proud to be one
Saffron, White and Green is my pride

I keep my hand on my heart when I sing my national anthem
It is to show that my heart belongs to them

I am proud of our soldiers
I am proud of my engineers here & abroad

I am proud of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai
Though I preferred their names to be Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Madras

India is the only country that is referred as "Her"
She is mother, She is forever

The saffron on my flag represents strength and courage
Today, I want to thank every Indian, of every age

This post is written for A-Z: April 22nd (Color Saffron)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A-Z: Red

PC: Pintrest
Red is the color of love
Red is the color for passion
Red is the color for seduction

Red is the color of blood
Red is the color of danger
Red is the color of Satan

The color of red that I prefer, is the mark of the red lipstick
On the rim of the red wine

This post is written for A-Z: April 21st (Color Red)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Story Story: Interview with the Ex - Part 1

Her Samsung S7 Edge phone chimes inside her Michael Kors bag and her Samsung android watch says that it is an unknown number calling. But, that number looked very familiar. She plugs in her bluetooth headset and

Her: Hello

Caller: Hi, I am calling from Tee Infotech, you were working here right? We have an opening and thought, that you might be suitable for the role in the Marketing.  Can you come down for an interview?

She was not looking for a change, but the prospect of going back to that company, seeing her old boss & old colleagues was exciting though.

It has been more than a year that she quit, on good terms. 
And she had grown well in her career in that one year, earning six times more than what she was paid there, buying brands that she would have never dreamt of while working there.

It was a nice work place, the work was good, the people were fine, she made a lot of friends. But, her boss was somewhat aloof, her colleagues there did not include her in activities in spite of her friendly attitude..

She has had dialogues in her head with that boss a million times. 

After a long pause and a small sigh

Her: Ok, when?

Caller: At 10 am tomorrow, the same office, so you want me to sms you the address?

Her: No, I know the place 

Maybe this time, I can say those rehearsed dialogues loud

To Be Continued on Friday...

A-Z: Quartz Grey

Did you know that there is a color called Quartz Grey?

All I knew was Quartz being a rock, a colorless one. I did have to do some search on colors with Q since it is a very stupid alphabet that hardly has any known words starting with it.

Well, then I realized, the color Quartz is associated with Grey, Quartz Grey. It comes from the Grey family

The color Quartz Grey is similar to silver but with a tinge to it.

I also realized, that I keep seeing this color almost everyday, so many cars out there are Quartz Grey

Here is more information on this unique color that I came to know through A-Z Challenge. Thank you for enlightening me you A-Z Challenge guys

Quartz Grey

Car with Quartz Grey Exteriors
PC: sense the car

This post is written for A-Z: April 20th (Color: Quartz Grey)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A-Z: Pink

Cute is what I feel when I see pink
PC: Femmefatales
A touch of innocence and very chic
With girls, there is often its link

Pink is an attitude is what a celebrities think
The shades of pink changes the attitude is what I think

Its cute to see light pink girl wink
While is sexy to see a hot pink girl wink

From cute to sexy this color is so versatile
But, even now when I say pink. Its more of an "Awwww" style

This post is written for A-Z: April 19th (Color Pink)

Monday, April 18, 2016

A-Z: Orange

PC: wikipedia
Orange is a fruit
Orange is a color

Healthy as a fruit
Happy as a color

Nothing rhymes with orange
I think, that's what makes it unique

This post is written for A-Z: April 18th (Color Orange)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A-Z: Neon Green

A register myself in a Breast cancer midnight run
PC: Pradeep Maniyani (Mirchi Neon Run)
Neon green is the theme for fun

On the day at the venue
Neon green everywhere, including me and you

T-shirts so bright
Posters & the neon lights

The run begins & is captures by the drone camera
And it looks like a flowing toxic liquid 

In the dead of the night, people run for a good cause
And when we finish the run, all we hear is applause

This post is written for A-Z: April 16th (Color: Neon Green)

Friday, April 15, 2016

A-Z: Maroon

PC: Aegive
The bedroom painted in the darkest maroon
where I plan to keep him marooned
The shades of burgundy that look like maroon in dim lights
where satin sheets shall ruffle tonight
The maroon of the lipstick shall smudge
where our lips shall touch
The bodies shall lay cocooned
where the walls are painted in the darkest maroon

This post is written for A-Z: April 15th (Color: Maroon)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A-Z: Lavender

PC: Mediacache

Lavender, Such a pretty color

Gives a feel of Peace and innocence

Never fails to bring a smile

This post is written for A-Z: April 14th (Color: Lavender)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A-Z: Khaki

Khaki Pants & Khaki Shirt
PC: India,art
Neatly pressed, and makes you look so smart

The stars on your shoulder
Shows your valor

You cap with India's emblem 
Makes us so proud

Be dusk or dawn
Be heat or storm
You have been there standing for us

Away from your family
Who wait at home anxiously

You lay your life for the people you do not know
Utter respect is only one way this country could show

You, our military men, 
We fold our hands,and say Thank you for everything

This post is written for A-Z: April 13th (Color Khaki)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A-Z: Jade

I look into your Jade eyes
And see revenge and despise

I can see you coming towards me
I see those Jade eyes fixed on me

High you rise, with your venomous fang
Low I leap as far as I can

You hit hard and grab me with your tail
I love the look in those jade eyes when I strangle your snake throat

Yours Truly,
The Frog

This post is written for A-Z: April 12th (Color Jade)

Monday, April 11, 2016

#DAshTalks The Laundry

Awin wanted to wear his blue T-shirt this Sunday and was frantically searching for it in his wardrobe

Awin *with his head inside the wardrobe* "Dee, where is that blue t-shirt. The one I wore with the black jeans the other day.

Me *leisurely sitting on the couch with a book* "The black jeans eloped with another T-shirt, so the blue t-shirt was sad and it jumped in the well of clothes kept for washing and lying in the bottom of the well stinky and dirty

Awin *walks to the other room where I was smirking, points his index finger at me* Your jokes suck

A-Z: Indigo

Indigo is a color so dark, and yet so dainty
Neither violet or blue
Deep, dark and pretty
In the rainbow, it stands out, making an amazing view
Great devotion, wisdom & justice it indicates in Psychology
Oh! This color always reminds me of that old poetry

This post is written for A-Z- April 9th (Color Hot Pink)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

A-Z: Hot Pink

PC: Shilpa Nair Blog
The new trend they say is Hot Pink
It genuinely makes me think

The lips so bold
I think I am a little too old

The top that stands out in any crowd
I am not sure if I'd be any proud

With a lot of apprehensions I wear
What the world thinks, I don't care

Like candy hearts, sweet or tarts
My Grand-kid says, Grandma, You look smart

My little red heart today, has turned Hot Pink, I must say

This post is written for A-Z- April 9th (Color Hot Pink)

Friday, April 8, 2016

A-Z: Gold

Precious it is, used by kings for ages
Poems were written about it on golden pages

Prosperity it brought to lands
It also started wars, with no ends

Gold is its name
From the mines that it came

As valuable as it is, it cannot survive alone
It needs copper for strength and to adorn

Just like life, one need the other
To be strong, like Gold

This post is written for A-Z April 8th (Color Gold)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Liebster Award: Thank you Upasana

Thank you Upasana for nominating me got the Liebester Award

What is a Liebster Award?
The Liebster Blog Award is an exciting opportunity to develop relationships with our fellow bloggers from different domains.
This is a peer nominated award which acts as a chain blog post. This is mainly intended to connect with new bloggers while building your email list.

Who nominated me?
Upasana, A mother of a 1-year old , ITian by profession and Blogger by choice. I love her blogs about her experiences. Its sweet, real and directly from the heart. Her blog, Life through my bio scope

Liebester Interview with Upasana

What is your favorite Music genre? 
Bollywood is my go to genre, Epic music, depends on my mood though

What switches your mood OFF? 
Rude people, rather people who aren't nice to me

What is the 1 thing you are proud of yourself? 
Well, frankly I am proud of everything, but that one thing would be surviving & coming out smiling after my accident

What is your biggest possession? 
My biggest possession is my brother - He is my strength and my weakness

One taboo that you don’t like? 
Menstruating girls should not enter religious places. I think its quite a silly concept.

Do you believe – Love can happen twice?
Yes, absolutely - Twice, trice, million times

What inspires you to live each day with joy?
Gratitude and Lord Shiva. 

What is the first thing in the morning you do to make yourself happy?
Say Om Namah Shivay

Do you love – Summers or Winters and 1 reason for your choice.
Winters: Cozying and sleeping under the blanket is the best thing to do in life

Do you think Social media is taking over relationships?
Maybe. I do not know actually.

Now What?
I nominate my favorite bloggers for this award &

The Liebster Blog Award rules are mentioned below:
  • Write a blogpost about your nomination, displaying an image of the award.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked you in his/her blogpost.
  • Nominate 5-11 other starting bloggers who you think deserve this award, and come up with 11 questions of your own for them to answer.
  • List these rules in your blogpost.
  • My nominations for the Liebster Award
    Roger Rog Articles
    Ranveer Vishal New Kid on the Block
  • My Questions to my favorite bloggers
1. What is best thing that has happened to you
2. What is that one thing or incident in life that you regret
3. If there is one person in this world you would get to say Sorry, who would it be and why
4. What is your most searched word or phrase on Google
5. Who is the last "Received call" on your mobile phone (Eg: carpenter, dad, a friend)
6. What is the wallpaper on your mobile phone (Eg. Nature, my family, my pet)
7. If ever, you get an all paid trip anywhere in this world, where would you go
8. What is the worst pick up line used on you
9. What is Happiness for you
10. One advice you would give your teen self
11. If there was a life after death, what would you want to be reborn as?

All the nominees are free to accept or reject this invite. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did and love to see your network grow.

A-Z: Fuchsia

PC: Flickr
In the spring, when all the flowers bloom
This little one is always in gloom

No sunshine, no water can make it smile
Its been a bud for a while

Then came a velvety touch
The little flower loved it very much

It opened its petals to the sky
Then bloomed the garden of bonsai

I show it off proudly
My Fuchsia flower grew up beautifully

This post is written for A-Z-April 7th (Color Fuchsia)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A-Z: Ecru

PC: Pintrest
Ecru is the color I came to know in this challenge while I was looking for colors with E.
Wikipedia says: Ecru is a light fawn color

Here is my poem for Ecru

I left this house covering the furniture with pristine white sheets
After years, I come to find this place inflicted with bees

Everything looks so sad and old, but for the wooden fixtures that shine as new
I am happy for my well polished furniture, under the unbleached sheets that have turned Ecru

This post is written for A-Z Challenge: April 6th (E for Ecru)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A-Z: Denim Blue

PC: historyofjeans
Amidst the yards of denim blue cloths

She sits and perfects her designs

Frantically her needles move, before the day resigns

And comes out a beautiful dress, a pant, a rugged jacket and shorts, all in Denim Blue

This post is written for A-Z: April 5th (D - Denim Blue)

Monday, April 4, 2016

A-Z: Cherry

PC: Wallpepercraft
Cherry in my wine
Brought the cherry on my cheek

Cherry on the cake
You made my feet go weak

Cherry colored satin
Our passion is at the peak

Today is the day
When you popped the cherry of this chic

This post is written for A-Z: April 4th (Color Cherry)

Saturday, April 2, 2016

A-Z: Black

PC: Pintrest
Black is the color of the night
Of death
Of coal

Black is the color of sleep
Of eyes
Of kohl

Black is the color of my hair
Of my tears of despair

Black is the color of clouds
Of rain
Of the day when you left me in pain

This post is written for A-Z: April 2nd (Color - Black)

Friday, April 1, 2016

A-Z: Amber

PC: Mocak
Amber are cheerful, warm and sensual

Amber is as hot as fire

Amber is as beautiful as sunflower

Amber is as sweet as honey

Amber is as elegant as a sunset

Amber is what is the color of a smiley

Amber is the color that always makes me happy

This post is written for A-Z: April 1st (Color Amber)