Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#DAshTalks Windows

There is a window in my living room, that has been closed for as long as we are staying here. And after all the rains, winters. Its stuck like crazy.
I am a cleaning fanatic and wanted to desperately clean that window sill.

Me: Awin, Listen, I need help

Him *deeply engrossed,slouched and his head inside his laptop*: What?

Me: These windows are stuck. Help me open it

Him: Try rebooting

Me *felt so trolled*

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

CTT: Vacations - Mine & Others

I was sitting on my couch, with the smell of freshly washed curtains wafting in the air and browsing Facebook.

There are a few people I see who regularly keep taking 10 odd days vacation to exotic locations, stay in even more exotic hotels.

I wonder, how do they get so many leaves?
Where is the money for such holidays?
Do they even save anything?

Every month start, when I get that salary sms. Then I get 10 odd debit smses following it for the first week of every month. Then comes regular expenses for the month.

Savings is hardly any.
Even if I do save, it would take me at least a few months to save enough to pay for those exotic hotels.

Also,painstakingly working for 6 months without a days leave gives me 10 and a half days of leave. Ideally, I can take a long vacation twice a year only, compared to the ones I see on Facebook.

Either others manage their time and money really well or I manage both real bad

Monday, March 21, 2016

A-Z: Theme Reveal

I have joined the April A-Z Challenge. This is my first year and I am not yet familiar with the rules. But, I am reading up.
PC: wikipedia

Today, 21st March is the Theme Reveal Day - My Theme for this year's COLORS

For the entire month of April, I will be posting poems, stories, Haiku's on colors.

April 1st - Amber

Sunday, March 20, 2016

CTT: Before and After Marriage

The conversations from a courting period to one year after marriage does change

After Marriage
Before Marriage

NOTE: The alleged conversations were made on the same day with some help from the husband, after a long conversation over hot chocolate about how chats have changed in 2 years. And these conversations were first written on the paper and then exchanged to show Then and Now

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CTT: French is was my new hobby

I have taken up on myself to learn new things, and I am still in the rookie phase of everything. I learnt quilling, I learnt crochet, I learnt a few other itsy bitsy things.

Now, I have taken up upon myself to learn a new language. French seemed to be the most achievable target.
So, I browse in the Play store and download a language teaching app. Very diligently, heard, said, wrote everything that app said.

P.S: I used some words on my clueless husband too.

The app said "Congratulations! You now 75% proficient in French" (never believe apps)

One fine day, a new colleague from France joined us, I was super excited since he was not just a cute well toned guy with sapphire blue eyes but a proper Frenchman and I was hoping to use my french talent on him.
He had this exotic French accented English (I dhu noth know zis)

He came with us for lunch on his first day. My colleagues knew my new app-hobby for French and asked me to converse with him in French. That is when I realized, all I knew was "Nice dog" "orange is a fruit" "My name is Dee" "What is your name" "Where is the toilet" "Where is the bus stop" " Hello, How are you" "Please and thank you" "Good Morning' "Good night" "Good Bye" "I love you"

Luckily, I was done with my lunch, and all I said was Excusez moi s'il vous plait...Merci and Au revoir.
I ran off, before anyone could ask me any questions in French or any language.

Now the cute guy, he keeps saying some small sentences in french with I have to Google most of the time to understand and I reply in English.

App Uninstalled: Check
Search for another hobby: Check
New hobby on the tow: Learn Mandarin
Hope: I am going to be a Chinese Government Translator someday
Reality: Au Revoir

Monday, March 14, 2016

#DAshTalks - Dinner

I was sitting on the couch, with my legs folded under me and reading a book.

Awin: Whats for dinner?

Me: *looks up like a damsel* The pearls gathered from paddy fields of Konkan tempered with sun dried chilli's and mustard mixed with slow processed fermented milk 

His eyes full of anticipation and suddenly droops

Awin: You mean Tair Saadam (Curd Rice)

Me: Yes *goes back to reading my book*

Awin: Why all that built up?

Me: Yeh Baburao ka ishtyle hai?

Awin: I have married Bollywood *sighs and walks back to his office room*

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

CTT: I am not a Feminist

I wrote the article a few months back and wanted to post it on some Women related day "Women's day" or "Breast Cancer Awareness Day". Guess its time for this article to go public

I was reading an article in some newspaper that asked "Are you a feminist?"

My instinctive reply was "No, I am not"

Actually, if standing up for a woman who is getting beaten, or standing up for dowry, or standing up for a rape makes a feminist then I am a partial feminist.

 But, if someone runs a marathon without a sanitary pad, I think it's gross and unhygienic, there is nothing feminist about it. If someone puts up a picture with period stained pants on Instagram, it's not feminist. It's a natural phenomenon and everyone knows it, no one needs it on their faces with a picture. It's nothing to hide about, but nothing to stand on the top of the roof and shout.

Standing for things like, woman should get a seat by asking an elderly man to get up is not feminism. Seeing a woman screaming at a man if his huge backpack touches her and backing her up is not feminism.
If feminism is about male-bashing, then I am not a feminist.

I think, I am more of a humanist (if there is a term like that)
I shall stand for it, man, woman, heterosexual, homosexual, any profession, doesn't matter if something is wrong I will stand for them.

I find many others echoing similar thoughts. Women need safety and many other archaic norms to be changed but they aren't blind to bizarre acts in the name of feminism and women these days openly refuse to back those who do insane things to prove that women are superior which in my opinion is hyped for no reason.

Enjoy being a woman, stand up for women in need, stand up for men who need you too. Its no power battle here.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Mag: To God

Dear God,

I have been meaning to write to you from the time I was little. But, I never got words or maybe my problems were not that big that I had to bring them to your notice. I understand that you are very busy, you have the whole universe to take care of, but please take some time out and read my letter and I hope to see a reply in actions preferably
We have a very bad internet connectivity in our town, I assume up there in the heaven it must be worse. That's why I am going all traditional and sending you a post. I might look silly and insane to do this at this age, but I hope my letter does reach you. I need some answers from you alone.

Letter posted to
"To God,

This post is written for Magpie Tales - Mag 308

Saturday, March 5, 2016

#DAshTalks: Shopping

Its Saturday evening & caramel cold coffee in my cup with the orange pink sky view from my balcony.

Me (leaning against the balcony wall): I think you should start a blog

Him (on the cane swing not even looking up from his laptop): For what joy?

Me: I love your photographs, so does the world. Start a photography blog

Him: And? 

Me: Get featured, get awards, get sponsorship, get money

Him: And?

Me: Take me shopping

Him: Oh, all this built up is for me to take you shopping.

Me: No, your credit card & your car keys are enough

Him (instantly getting up that cane swing): Not the car keys, you have already given both my headlamps scratched eyes. 

Me *triumphs* Yaay new dress, new shoes, new bag

He didn't start a blog but he has his pictures on Flickr (Click the link)