Friday, January 29, 2016

Short Story 3: The Scandal

I am Marita. I stay in India & work as a house maid in many houses.
What I see in every house is unique always, the people, my saab and memsaab (whom I prefer to call bhaiyya and bhabi), the kids, their house, their kitchen.
Somehow I am very particular of how the kitchen of the house looks, it gives an impression of the family & the whole house.

Well, that is a generic idea. Today, I want to talk about the Bhaiyya & Bhabi of the 10th floor. They have q very beautiful house, Bhabi is very pretty, I love the way she dresses up & the way she keeps her house, especially her spic & span kitchen, beautiful steel & brown.
She is nice to speak to too, mostly cheerful & fun with Bhaiyya
They keep buying exotic groceries every month, I find the bills while sweeping.
Yes, I am inquisitive & nosy.
I love to see, shopping bills, those weird online boxes and their bills.

Bhaiyya, on the other hand looks shy and silent, he doesnt talk much. he is always busy with his phone or computer or switching channels on the TV. He seems sweet and nice and very much in love with Bhabi, I can say because of the look in his eyes.

A week back, while I was sweeping the house clean, I found a dust laden photo under the bed.
At first, I didn't recognize the picture, on looking closely I realized its Bhaiyya in that picture with a woman, a pretty woman whom I don't recognize. Bhaiyya looked way much younger than now, also that girl in skimpy outfit. It looked so scandalous, the way Bhaiyya is hugging her.
I was stunned.

This shy looking Bhaiyya, is cheating on my innocent Bhabi.
From then on, I couldn't see Bhaiyya in the same light, he looks so villainous to me and Bhabi has started to look like a victim.
I just cant get this out of my head. I can't sleep in the night after knowing the truth.
How could he?

Should I tell this to Bhabi? I am sure she will ask for an evidence. I can show her that picture, Its well hidden in my bag.
Bhabi is a nice woman and she deserves to know about her husband who acts all pure and devoted.

After contemplating for a week, I finally broached the subject today morning.

"Bhabi, Can I say something"
"Sure Marita, You look tensed, anything bothering you?"
"Yes Bhabi, actually its not about me that is really bothering me"
"So, is it something at home? Are your kids well?"
"yes Bhabi, they are. But, something is not well here"
"Here? Whats wrong here?"
"Say Marita, What?"

Gathering all my courage, I close my eyes and say "Well, Its Bhaiyya"

There is a long pause,

"What...happened to Bhaiyya"
I still haven't opened my eyes, I knew I can't face the look on Bhabi's face and I start ranting, not wanting to stop
"He is having an affair and I have the proof, I knew this a week back, but I couldn't come to you sooner"
"Proof? What proof Marita?"
I slowly open my eyes to see Bhabi, standing by the kitchen counter. I open my purse and pull out the scandalous picture and hand it over to Bhabi.
Bhabi sees the picture, and there is a huge pause again, heavy silence was hanging in the air. Those few seconds felt like hours.
Then Bhabi tore her eyes from the picture, looked at me and started laughing like a mad woman.

I knew I shouldn't have shown the picture to her. Now, this nice woman couldn't take her husband's infidelity and had gone mad. Its all my fault. Poor Poor Bhabi!
Bhabi is holding the kitchen counter and still laughing hard.

In between her laughs, she calls out to Bhaiyya, to which he comes
"What is so funny Sheela"
Bhabi, gave the picture to Bhaiyya. I was sure that he is going to get a shock & deny everything but instead he smiled.

I was confused with such a reaction.
Bhabi then came close to me, took a few breathes to normalize herself and said "Marita, that picture is me & Ramesh. It was taken 4 years back when we were honeymooning"
Bhaiya, stood there looking confused. Bhabi told him that she will explain everything to him later.
"Thank you Marita, for looking out for me & also for this picture and don't worry Bhaaiya is a very nice man"

I felt so stupid. S.T.U.P.I.D
I learnt my lesson
I should never judge anyone if I know nothing about them.

Monday, January 25, 2016

IB: First Crush

My first crush, well I have been blogging for almost 8 years and there has been no mention on him.

I was I think 13, he looked around 23-24ish. He used to park his car in front of my apartment and stand there chatting with his friend.
He had lovely eyes, a beautiful face, nice shoulders and an uber cute smile.
I was a tiny shy looking girl, and to him I was a kid, so he never bothered looking at me then.
I knew nothing about him, not his name, not where he comes from, what he does in life, nothing. I just knew the number of his car and the approximate time that his car would come, around 7.30pm

So, every evening I would wait for his car to come, and take my little red bicycle and pass my him at least 5 times. (How silly was that)

Years, went by and he became a faded memory. One day I saw him walking in a park, I was in college by then, I ran across the park like a woman possessed and jumped in front of him, I am sure I would have scared the daylights out of him.
I took a minute to catch my breath, he patiently waited for me to become normal.
I knew from the way he looked at me, that he did recognize me
By then, I had grown up & was more confident, so I told him that ages back I had a crush on him & I told him his car's number and asked if he still has that car.

PC: youtube
He looked amused, and flashed that cute smile again and said yes, that car was still there.
He told me, that he knew that I was crushing on him, he was married & had a 6 month old baby now.
His relationship status didn't matter to me though, but knowing his name (which I have forgotten now) and telling him what I felt when I was a kid,was a big thing for me then.

We bump into each other sometimes, and greet with a "Hello" but that is that.
My first crush M*-03-K-2**0

Friday, January 22, 2016

Short Story 2: Tragic Obssession

Naina & Abhi, the ideal couple. They were dating each other for close to 8 years now. They were a very nice looking couple, charming & inseparable, which after a point their friends got annoyed of. There was never Abhi without Naina.

Though many times, Abhi preferred a proper guys evening but Naina always tagged along.
Naina was very possessive about Abhi, she did not liked the sexually colored jokes his friends made, she hated how Abhi spoke to his female friends and she hated the way they smiled at him
Abhi wanted to talk to Naina about it for long now, he loved her but he loved his life & being with his friends too.

One evening, Abhi decided to talk to Naina & get things straight, but never expected that things might turn this ugly. There were lot of shouts, screams, name calling, mud slinging, tears and that night, they broke up.

Naina couldn't believe that Abhi just dumped her. Her possessiveness soon turned obsessive. She could go to any extent to get Abhi back.
She stalked him on social networks. She started peeping into his house with binoculars.
While walking back to her house, one night, Naina saw an ad that claimed that any relationship or lost love can be brought back into you life with the help of black magic.
Naina, didn't hesitate for a moment & called on the number given on the ad.

Naina "Hi, Is this Magic Life"
A rough male voice with a bad English replied "Yes, Who speaking"
"I wanted some help regarding my love life, I saw your ad"
That Man "Yes, You come, We help, bring Rs. 15000/-, and come looking like a bride with all the jewelry, the magic should think you is a wife"
Naina "OK. I will be there tomorrow"

In the meanwhile, a group of rogue men were laughing, "Dudes, we got another loaded bird coming in"

Next morning, Naina reached the said address dressed like a bride with the hope to get Abhi back. A man in orange outfit with ash on his forehead escorts her inside a dingy looking house.
Suddenly, out of nowhere a hand with a chloroformed handkerchief comes and gags Naina's. She faints and falls on her attackers feet.
They drag her to a room near by and rob her of all her money and gold. While she is still sedated, she is undressed and raped by six men in that room while they took chances capturing a video of the act.
Then they haphazardly wrap her with the bed-sheet &  and throw her in the woods near by.

Her parents and frantically search for her and so do Abhi & the police.
After 10 days, they find a woman's body who died of excessive bleeding. That woman was Naina.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Grown up Me & my blog

This being my birthday month & tomorrow (21st Jan)  being my birthday I really wanted to write this post that has been lingering on my mind for the past few days.

They say 80% of the time in the shower is spent thinking & 20% in actually taking a shower, it is almost true since the idea of the post came on a Sunday in the shower.

When I started this blog in 2008, I did not know followers, I did not know that blog posts being taken seriously by the world outside, For me it was a medium to rant out
I used to write crappy blogs, with "so-called modern" English (Ma Life, Da house)
I used to use filthy language.
I used to never proof read & had enough spelling mistakes to make a dead spelling nazi die again a hundered times
And grammar? What grammar, something of that sort did not exist on my posts.
I used to write posts about my life, the people in it, my crushes, the crushing of my crushes

Then one of my close friends asked me "Why do you write such personal things on your blog"
Then my reply was "Ma Blog, Ma Rulz" ( How my present me would love to slap my old me)

Now after years, and after trying to grow up I realised, my blog is who I am. It is my personality to the world outside.
Do I want to show that Dee Dee is thrashy?
Do I want to show that Dee Dee doesnt care about people by using a bad language?

When I leave my house to go out, I don't dress shabbily. I look pretty, I present myself well to the world, then shouldn't my blog too should be a mirror of the real me that the wanna-be teen me?

So, now my posts are better, they are proof read 5 times before being published, they are carefully posted on social sites.

Me & my blog both have grown, and grown well.

Thank you for all my readers till date, who have encouraged me and at times tolerated a few of my posts too
Happy Birthday to me & my blog

Monday, January 18, 2016

CTT: Why should one "look" married?

Its been a while that I am married. I  stay in a nice city where dressing is really not a restriction.
So, I don't dress like a typical married woman, meaning I don't wear a sindoor everyday, neither the mangalsutra not choodas or chudis.

Its not that I don't like them. Its isn't even like I want to hide the fact that I am married.
C'mon, I have a 5'9" walking talking proof called husband that I am married.

PC: Smit Photograhy:  Its my feet on my wedding day
I agree, there might be scientific reasons for all of those, but at some point doesn't it become an individual choice?

I work & travel quite a bit and I am scared of chain snatching & do not wear the mangalsutra, doesn't mean I am hiding the fact that I am married

I don't wear a sindoor everyday to work, doesn't mean I want to show that I am single neither do I want to show "back off" with a red signal on my forehead.

Yes, I do wear toe-rings because it looks cute & also there is a health reason for it too.

My husband, never had a problem in me not wearing the "taken" signs neither do my in-laws, but the world is more appalled to know that I am not evident with my relationship status.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Short Story 1: Life never moved on

I have planned to write a short story every week. Lets see how far I keep my promise.
So here goes, the first short story.

Its a beautiful day. Clear skies, pleasant weather, trees lush and green, kids playing in the park, Older people playing chess, the smell of flowers wafted through the air.

But, one person was locked inside, where it was all gloom, dark, dingy, the whole room smelt of dampness, urine & rotting meat.
People dared not to pass by this tiny house, kids dread creak of the windows of this house. It was as if its cursed. But, no one knew what is inside.

Inside, sat an old man rocking on a creaking chair alone, he rarely came out. He had his monthly groceries & other supplies done by his old sister, who might be the only visitor this house has seen for ages.

"Why can't you go out, its a beautiful day and will do good for your bones too" came a female voice from the kitchen
The only sound was the scrubbing of the kitchen floor and the Grandpa clock's ticking

"Are you even listening to me?" Jennie rose up from kitchen floor after scrubbing it clean.

She walks to Mark who is staring at an old photo album, Jennie touches his shoulders. Mark looks up but says nothing

No one who knew Mark 15 years back would have ever thought that some day he would turn into this mute vegetable who never leaves his house.

Jennie, looks to her brother who is sitting slouched on this rocking chair & thinks

Mark, always energetic, the most popular guy, the life of a party, an awesome businessman, smart personality, with dimples on his cheeks when he smiled and this mischievous look in his emerald green eyes.
So many women had an eye on her dashing brother & she was so proud of this fact. And then came one girl Emma.

Very cute, shy, almost invisible to the people in the room.

It was in a college reunion's drinking dare party, where Mark was supposed to kiss a girl chosen by his friends & they chose Emma, because of her plain Jane, no makeup looks.
When Mark went to kiss her, Emma refused which came as a surprise to him & to the others. No girl has ever turned down "The Mark".
Soon, Emma became a challenge for him & he started to pursue her to prove himself. As the days passed, the more & more he started to know about her, Mark fell in love.
The got married after 8 years of dating.

Emma, a bank executive at 30 and very pretty, she wasn't shy anymore, a lot of Mark's influence rubbed on her, on the other hand, Mark was humbler & an established businessman at 34.
They had a beautiful beach wedding, followed by a lavish reception.

They traveled a lot, made love, brought a beautiful house by the park & decorated it with lots of love.
They loved children & wanted one of their own, they tried. Emma did conceive trice but had three miscarriages in the first term itself. This took a toll on Emma's mental health.

After 9 years, Emma was pregnant again. Mark was elated to get the news that Emma is expecting. He loved the thought of little Emma.
Suddenly, one morning 5 months pregnant Emma collapsed. Emergency ambulance was called, Mark was terrified.
Emma was declared dead before being brought to the hospital. She had a fatal heart attack.

That heart attack, had broken Mark's heart, from then he stopped living. He stopped smiling. He stopped meeting people. He stopped talking.
Slowly times passed by, the house they decorated together was falling apart just like Mark was inside. He lost his will to live. He lost his wife, his best friend, his life.
He lived a meager
life on the money they had saved for their life.

Jennie turns again to see Mark still staring at his wedding picture, where Mark looked very happy & Emma was glowing in her pink wedding gown.

Its been 15 years to that fateful day.

Jennie often thought "How can someone be so in love with another person that losing that person robs the life of this person"

Someday, Jennie hopes to see her brother smiling again. Someday

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

They shall rise

PC: Taken on my phone on 26th December 2015 in Kerala.
It is the oldest operative Jew Synagogue outside Israel
You walk alone and feel someone follow you
The silence around it broken by the cracking of a dry leaf, like someone just stepped on it.
Your heart shall race but the pace might slow down a bit

You walk alone and hear voices.
It speaks a thousand words of valor, of war, of love, of hurt of betrayal
You wonder if the voice was for real

You walk alone but never look back as told by the locals
For they are standing, looking, waiting for someone to call
And from underground, shall rise one and all

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just Another New Year post

Good bye 2015!

It has been a good year though, lot of new experiences, lot of travel, lots of fights, lots of smiles, lot of learning, and also a bit of a low phase, a bit of a high phase.

It was more like a Bollywood movie, a super hit movie though.

On 31st, while I was driving back with Awin, I was reminiscing about 31st December was celebrated when I was a kid.
Our society used to have a year end annual function, we kids used to be excited about it all of December, preparing for it all month.'
Mornings used to be for sports for kids - Lemon & Spoon, Running race, Sack race, Relay etc.
Evenings were dedicated for fancy dress, singing, solo dance & group dance.

And the highlight of the evening was the "old man".
Well, we kids used to gather twigs, sticks, hay, old shirt and an old pant and stuff and make a cloth face and burn him. It signifies the going of an old year and welcoming the new one.

I miss my old days.

Anyways, I have a few resolutions this year, which i am not going to write here. But, there are some resolutions that I intend to keep up.

More attention to Rantzz of A Drama Queen: In 2015, I gave a lot of attention to my new blog, and I did get emails from people that they want to see more updates here. So, I have promised myself I will write more here

One Week One post: This year I will consciously try to write at least one post a week. I hope to have at least 48 posts this year

Family to Greedy: What I am going to write about? Silly poems, long posts, rants and yeah! I am greedy to win contests to quite a few contests too.

In the end, happy 2016 to all.
Love, Eat, Pray & Be Happy

A beautiful night

In the dark of the night
Beside me he sleeps tight

I can't sleep a wink
Neither can I blink

For I'm scared of the creatures of the dark
Ghosts, ghouls, spirits and dead souls that wander across the park

I tiptoe across my room and open the curtains wide
The room floods with the beautiful moonlight

Serene and calm it brings a smile on my face
At the beautiful moon I gaze

 The room looks like out of my childhood story book
Where the princess sleeps, moonlight beams and the angels overlook