Wednesday, November 30, 2016

CTT: Generation Alpha

Today evening, I was coming back from work with a heavy backpack and empty silly looking lunch box. All tired, and my hair sticking out of my head like twigs.

I see a group of kids near the elevator playing with a fallen bicycle. The kids would be around 3 to 6 year olds. They looked at me with this "Who? What is this? Thing" kind of look

I heard them talk and I was in awe, what impeccable manners and what good English. 

"Rahul, Could you call Aryan. I need to speak to him now"
"I am sure I called him. But I will try calling him again"
"I hope he comes this time. I really need him here"
"We need to move. The elevator is coming to zero (zee-row)"

At that age, I was blubbering in street Hindi and Tamil. I knew lift. Elevator..What elevator?

The standards, the education, the quality of these kids are a total different level.
I'm so proud to see such an amazing future of our country, errr..the bright future of our country who might be working in some other country.

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