Monday, October 24, 2016

8th Birthday guest post 4: Raja Hindustani by Pranali

Its guest post birthday Monday again. Our fourth story is from an ever bubbly, super cute, model looking girl Pranali. She is an inspiration to look up to. Salutes to her achievements at this tiny age. She is a rock star in my eyes. 

Pranali says -

So "Raja Hindustani" that's what our friends  say about our relationship. Roller coaster ride of 8 wonderful years.  

From the time I was a teen I had been clear about one thing in my life, that any heart related matters, any boy related matters will first have to be approved by my family.

Valentines day of 2009 is the day we met for the first time -14th February 2009
He was my neighbor. Tall, dark and charming is what I would say, my eyes saw. I was kind of floored already but I had my self set "family approval" conditions in my head.
So when Mr. Raja Hindustani proposed me after a week, I went to my mother and explained, I told her what I felt and after two weeks of discussions, arguments, changing conclusions, I managed to convince my family.

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That evening, I confessed my love to the man who loves me much more than I do, and the joy, the blush, that butterfly feeling cannot be explained in words.
realized its not the end of this story, its just a tiny beginning, the journey from I to We and in that "we" its not only me and him but almost all who do has significant contribution in our life like our parents, siblings, extended family and ofcourse our friends

We did have our moments of downs too. Those fights, arguments, tears, long phone calls, smses. We have more up's than downs I must say, had those super cherish able memories in the past 7 years.

We are both family-oriented people and we want to fulfill both our families expectations. I am grateful to have a very supportive family and more importantly my Raja Hindustani- Sachin, who stood by me in all my thick and thin.

After 8 years of wonderful journey, when I look back, I can only be grateful to God who gave me Sachin and I pray to be blessed by Ganpati Bappa to continue my journey forever as Mrs. Sachin from November 25th on wards.

My Note: 8 years and many more to come. God bless you Pranali and Sachin, you guys make a cute couple. and Thanks for sharing your story with me. Lots of Love.


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