Monday, October 31, 2016

8th bday guest post 6: Knight in Shining Armour by Sandhya

I wanted the best story of all to be on the last Monday of my blog's birthday month and the last day of the birthday month.
When I was scrolling my Facebook searching for a couple for my last story, I came across one of Sandhya's post, and I was like why not, I was sure that a super cute girl like her has to have an amazing story to share.
When I asked her to write, I knew nothing about her life, all I knew was this bubbly, beautiful woman with a great penchant for food. She was nervous when she submitted her post. And I fell in love with this post instantly.

This post is written by the very pretty, Sandhya. She has used the third person voice in her love story. 

Here is Sandhya's story

Through blurred eye she stared at the mirror… the swelling reduced, allowed her to look at the pale lost person staring back. Bruises from the day before and of many days of the past still showed. She felt groggy…..The details of the night before still played in her head.

It was the day she realized who her true knight was…..he wasn’t who she pictured like that at all.
But it’s he who saved her…

All of five, the little one staunchly stood between her and the figure that towered over them both.
There, curled up on the bare floor, through a bleeding nose and groggy eyes, she saw her true savior… her faith in the most unselfish love renewed.
The little one, of who she was the protector for 9 months and more, was suddenly the reason she was alive…. her reason to be alive.

But was she really?

For her little knight, she was the ultimate …supermom, super ‘Boss’ best tickle bunny partner…super chef…super everything. But only she knew the burden of not loving oneself.
But suddenly, that day, in front of the mirror, things started getting clearer and more vivid than before.

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As the day wore and the evening set in, Sandhya decided it was time to put things in the past, and move on…it was time to fall in love again. Find that person who she once was…that carefree happy go lucky person she once was.
It’s not easy you know… once bitten twice shy. But her little knight egged on….. unknowingly , nonchalantly , every day…every moment.
Determined she moved forward, promising not to stop till she finds herself…finds Love …again
Then , when she did set on that journey of discovery …every day has been a celebration…every moment to be rejoiced.

The little girl hidden within slowly emerged, shyly at first…little by little, day by day…
Cooking with a hum, learning something new every year, taking that morning walk, gardening, sketching, travelling with her knight, exploring new nooks to have that hot breakfast or the best new ice-cream in town, catching up on a movie , reading that bestseller with the nicest filter kaapi, she suddenly enjoyed this new company … she discovered the best relationship she could have.. that one self she could love… needs to love the most …. Herself. Not the shadow that she had become, but the true reflection of she was…. And thus she fell in love again.

Suddenly , there was new meaning in life again, letting go of the past was her best way to find herself…find love
Laughing  unabashedly.. that loud laugh, head tilting ,loud ,unapologetic filled with true glee,
Following her little dreams, making honest memories to cherish , watching her knight grow to be promising your lad , in loving herself did she truly discover what loving anyone else was.
Suddenly, all the songs were about her…… sigh! And the journey has only just begun…picture abhi baaki hai dost….. definitely not yet The End!

My Note: I have edited some parts, some words, some tones in my previous birthday stories of my guests. But, this story, I did not feel like editing anything. I wanted the story and its emotion to be the way it was written by its author. Thank you Sandhya for sharing this lovely post and making my blog's birthday super special. I have read this story at least 30 times before posting just to get the feel of that emotion. XOXO. God Bless you and your knight.

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