Monday, October 10, 2016

8th bday guest post 2: Ush + Sid = US

Its the second Monday of this blog's birthday month and as promised here is the second story of the birthday month.
This is the story of a very cute friend, whom I know from Orkut days, and then we met and I realized she is such a cute Leo. Her man, Sid, well I don't know much about him.
Let me introduce our couple of the day, Usha and Siddharth and their POV's on how their story started

Usha says,

The moment I met this guy, I was super disoriented. So charming!! But my brain sent out warning signals to my heart: Don't fall for this guy. And with good reason, too. I mean he's cute and has a heart-melting smile, but He is also super forgetful, very unromantic (which is very difficult for the romantic in me to digest), no sweeping-off-the-feet and he talks more than me (which is saying something). Basically not what I had in mind.

But seldom does the heart listen!

Differences apart, Sid and I are alike in so many ways. We both love travel, and love to eat. He does random, stupid shit with me and balances out my crazy with his sanity. He chatters away endlessly and is the most enthusiastic, mad, crazy person I have met. 

He gushes when I do the smallest thing for him. and once in a while, if I'm really lucky, he does cute romantic gestures too, and is then engulfed by disbelief at how I've managed to make him a sappy cow!
You can never be pissed at him for long - he'll smile and sing a cheesy song, and you will instantly forget what you were mad about. He makes me laugh like no one else can, and makes me feel very special and loved.

As I said, he is not the kind of guy I had hoped to end up with. He is much, much more than what I had hoped for. And I'm glad that I'm going to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend, who happens to be my lover, who happens to be my everything.

Siddharth says,

It was love at first sight. Not quite the orchestra playing Beethoven symphony or anything, my lame heart just chose to skip a beat.  And trust me, it persists even today when I see her.

That smile of hers, oh which completely blew me away and made me go to a world of the pleasant unknown still reminds me of the first time I had rajma in college. Yes! rajma was exceptionally good. Speaking of which this girl is an amazing cook. This I assume is a quality every foodie would want his spouse to have. I'm lucky that way.

Her giggle will make you forget all the sorrows in this world and her anger will make u recollect your slightest mistakes. You act all funny with her and you've had it.  It's amen from there!

Her eyes tell a story which one would never want to see end . She hates it when people lie and loves it when pampered.  

I suck at the latter and am too good at the former. Guess I would eventually learn to suck at lying too. She'll support you and pep you up while you're at an emotional ebb and convert all that negative energy to positive ones. She truly has the Midas touch.

She is the best gift i never thought would get to spend the rest of my life with and would love her with the same zeal I did when I first met her. And that's a promise I'll keep until I live!

My Note: Super cute couple. God Bless you guys forever and thanks for sharing your story for my blog's birthday month. Cheers!

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