Thursday, September 15, 2016

CTT: We are God's books

Its been a week with lot of expected, unexpected holidays in my city. And the unexpected holiday, with a curfew like situation is very boring. You can't get out of the house, there is nothing on TV, videos on Youtube has got boring, the books I have are read already, I could sleep...But for how long?

Well, so this early evening, I was sitting on the swing of my balcony, with nice warm breeze on my face, it was peaceful. I could hear the "click click click" of the keyboard in the husband's home office, I could see those stupid pigeons on my neighbors balcony, in the opposite house a mother trying to feed her kid. It felt like some story book existence.

Then far somewhere, I heard the bells of a temple, I thought then, maybe...just maybe God will have a of book in each person's name. He will have many scriptwriters in his payroll, and all of them would be weaving a story for us everyday, their stories will depend on their mood that day. They will have targets for a year, say 100 happy days, 10 fight scenes, 100 romance scenes, 50 sad days, 105 random emotions days. The scriptwriters might bill according to the person's man days on earth. The book closes and goes into library after the person is dead. Every dead person might be employed as a scriptwriter after staying in heaven for like 10 years. A retired script writer maybe reborn on earth again.

How cool is that! I was grinning on my geniusness and I was almost on the verge of convincing myself of being one of the story books in God's library when my celestial thoughts were disturbed by a police siren on the main road. Sigh! So much for my devil's workshop.

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