Monday, August 1, 2016


I may not miss Mumbai. I may like this city more than Mumbai in certain aspects. But, whichever part of the country I go, I take a bit of Mumbai with me.

Mumbai runs in my veins, its in my blood. There might be rush crowds, there are long travels in crowded trains, the real estate market might be the highest in this country, but there is so much warmth in the people. Those tired smiles in the trains, the trusting hawkers, the negotiating women, the corner vegetable vendor, make this city special.

There are floods, there are blasts, but the city's spirit comes alive when everyone is helping each other. The city's life is seen when people go to work immediately the next day after a blast. That is Mumbai

Not many shop "organic" vegetables, a bisleri water can at home is unheard of, but vada pav, pav bhaji, pani puri, bhel puri, sandwich, dabeli, gola, pom-pom idli are just familiar sounds.

Every festival celebrated so beautifully, the Ganpati dance, the dandiya raas, the kebabs and sheer khurmas, with a dash of Mumbai cannot be replicated anywhere in the world

My eyes light up when I hear "Mumbai" in movies or videos or articles. My ears are all alert when I listen to news about "Mumbai".

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I live a life that is way better than I was in Mumbai, but every now and then I get nostalgic. I may have planned to settle and live the next many years of my life in this city, but Mumbai will always be "my city". I may someday have kids in this city, but I will try to inculcate the "Mumbai" values in them.

If you love Mumbai city, this city loves you back. If you hate the crowds and fast pace, the city gives it back in return.

We Mumbaikars, we leave the city but its always "Mumbai meri jaan".
Because, Mumbai is not a city, Mumbai is dreams, Mumbai is heart, Mumbai is LIFE *chest fist*

PS: I get nostalgic once in a while


  1. It will always be Bombay for me. You can take me out of Bombay but you can't take Bombay out of me.
    Once a Bombay girl, always a Bombay girl!

  2. We never live Mumbai for it comes searching for us. I can never be complete with Maximum City and this post makes me so nostalgic, thinking of my past. I lived every moment of life there and the city never leaves. Hope I can be back someday. Mumbai rocks. I write so much on Mumbai from time to time.

    1. I agree Ranveer to every word in that comment :)


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