Monday, July 18, 2016

CTT: Bae-sick English

PC: buzzfeed
I do not know where the word "bae" originates from.

For a long time I didn't know what it meant until a teenage kid I know comes me and says "This is my bae and don't we make a swag couple" 
I was like please write it in sane English so she writes "dis is ma bae n dun vee make a swag couple"

1. What is Bae? 2. What is Swag?

Reading that, I tell myself, what language it that? Even Google translate won't help me with this.

I have an aunt who teaches in a really good school, so over coffee I tell her this language and she said "you have no idea how it feels when kids try to fit in answers in 140 characters ignoring all the spelling and grammar"
It's a bad state to be in.

There are kids out there conquering the spelling bee contests and there are kids who are on spelling bae contests. They listen to only English songs with weird lyrics or party songs with absolutely no sensible lyrics. I feel old, I am old school, but I'm happy at least I have my language skills straight.


Some meme's of Facebook says "Bae is a Danish word for poop"

And a cousin said "Bae" meant "Before Anything Else"

*The Mumbaikar in my wakes up and says* "Kya hai bae?" *Hallelujah"


  1. Lolzzzz I believe so too... it can never be Before anyone else...the poop is the better explanation of this crappy grammar . Good point

    1. hehehe....for the way the word is sued..poop sure is a better way to explain it

  2. I have always associated this word with kya be, kyu be :P

    Poop in Danish sounds perfect. I'd probably leave this as a comment when some posts "Dessert with my Bae".

    1. it sounds to irritating. eeekkksss....Dessert with Bae my imagination is going "crappy" :P


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