Thursday, June 16, 2016

CTT: Happy Father's Day, Appa

He cried when I cried

He stayed up all night to play with me, and went to work next morning while I slept peacefully

He got himself no new shirt, but brought me three new dresses instead

He taught me to make soap bubbles, He did it to make me smile

He stood in a long queue even while his legs ached to get me in a good school

We grew up together.

I turned rebellious, He turned more understanding

I screamed, He listened

I cried, He hugged

I left him & went with my friends while he sat home alone

We grew up more
A very old picture 

I started to go to work, while he ended his tenure

I had problems, he gave me all his support

I was anxious, he taught me patience

We grew up some more

He found someone who would love me more

I was time for me to go and he cried more

Guess we never grew up

He still calls me "Child"

He still worries for me

His little girl, I will always be, lucky I am to have you around me

Appa, I love you, I always do, for everything you have done. Thank you

Happy Father's Day Appa. 


  1. That is such a lovely blog that you've written for you Appa. Hope he liked it Deepa

    .The Solitary Writer

    1. He likes everything I write. dad after all.
      Thanks Solitary :)

  2. This is such a beautiful tribute, Dee Dee. You were very blessed.

    Also, just wanted you to know I finally answered the Liebster Award Questions. Thank you for selecting me. I hope you enjoy the answers and will consider joining the TMI challenge that's also part of my post today. It's a blast - spread the word! :)

    1. Thanks Yolanda. I loved the TMi challenge & Thank you for accepting the award


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