Thursday, May 12, 2016

Story Story 6: Birthday

"I miss you" came the sms on his phone after three years.

Should I reply? Should I not?
Does she really miss me?
these were the thoughts that were running in his mind.

He missed her every single day. He missed her smile. He missed holding her hand and walking with her.
He was badly hurt the day she went away with that man. That day he promised that she would never talk to her or see her face ever again but he never stopped loving her.

*Ping* chimed his phone again

It was her name on the mobile phone screen again,.
"Happy Birthday" was the sms this time.

He held the phone so tight, that his palms turn red, any more pressure and the screen would have cracked.
With a small whisper he said to himself "She remembers"

In heart of hearts, he knew that he would gladly accept her back, but was a bit egoistic to make the first move.

The door bell rang with a shrill that resonated all over the house.

Slowly, he got up from his chair, with his head filled with her thoughts and opened the door to find her there with a cake and a little girl in her arms and tears in her eyes.

He was stunned, happy, confused. He didn't know how to react. She smiled and said

"Happy Birthday Dad"

And the little girl with her echoed "Happy Birthday Grandpa"

A young man stepped from behind her "Happy Birthday Dad"

On his 75th birthday, he got a the most precious gift. He got his daughter back. He got his family back


  1. A wee bit of suspense, lots of emotions and a happy ending does make an interesting read.

  2. What a great little tale. The ending gave me a shiver of delight!

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  3. Great writing, love the unexpected!


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