Tuesday, May 3, 2016

#DAshTalks His Phone My Answer

Awin, the husband has been bit with the "Elementary" series bug and has downloaded all the episodes and diligently watches them almost every evening.

So, seeing him with the laptop & earphone stuck to his ears & eyes glues to the screen is very normal.
Whenever, I want to talk to him, I pull off one of the earphones from his ear, say what I want to and plug it back into his ear

Me: Dinner at 9pm ok?

Awin: Sure

Me: I have made malai kofta and roti

Awin: Sure

Me: Let's go for that Batman movie this weekend

Awin: Sure

Me: The nuclear missile is standing in our balcony

Awin: Sure

Me: I flushed your phone

Awin: What the..? Did you? I know you are capable of it? but did you? 

His phone is the answer to all my pray-ears


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