Tuesday, May 3, 2016

CTT: Car-fidence Gone

PC: Me @Sakleshpur Taken with Samsung S6
I got my driving license about a year back (Don't ask me how)
But, I can't drive

Well, I went to the driving classes, drove around empty roads when everyone is sleeping in their houses & thought that now I am a good driver.

How wrong I was when I was put in a real life traffic situation.

Scene 1

Very enthusiastically, I asked my husband that I wanted to drive in pitch Bangalore traffic.

I drove nicely, slowly on the extreme left of the road. At one point, near a tech park which is also a very heavy vehicular & traffic zone and also had a bus-stop..Guess where? On the extreme left, the left where I am supposed to be driving.

So, there is a traffic cop, he stopped the traffic, I braked the car in between two buses.

Buses honking, traffic cop screaming, walking people screaming, other vehicles honking. My husband who was in the passenger seat couldn't get out, because the bus was so close to my car that the door wont open.

There I was with cold hands and feet, a stalled car, honking people and big tears in my eyes. I think I started crying so bad that the cop might have actually pitied my poor embarrassed husband.

That day I lost a part of my confidence.

Scene 2

Weekend. Wide roads. Thin traffic. Sounds ideal for a rookie driver.
Well, it was ideal until we hit the red signal. I braked and stopped nicely at the red signal. But, I couldn't get my car started again.
The signal changed to Green 5 times, and I was still there.

Again my limbs ran cold, my eyes started tearing up, my husband beside me came in his consoling mode.

After a point, the other drivers realized that a no-good driver is sitting in the red car.

That day, I almost lost all of my confidence.

Scene 3

I wanted to boast my driving skills to daddy dearest. I took the car out in Mumbai, with husband next to me & Dad on the back seat. Again I stalled the car at a crucial turn, creating a choc-o-block. Though I managed to get my car started, after a million abuses.
On the rear view mirror, I saw my Dad terrified and clutching the seat covers so hard that I am sure his nails would have bore holes in that cover.

Scene 4

My car was parked on an incline, I wanted to take it to my husband so that he could avoid walking in the sun. I tried to reverse it with textbook technique, no one told me that I have to put extra accelerator on the incline. So, instead of going back my car went forward stood tilted like a peeing dog on the flower bed of my building. When my husband came back, he saw the car standing on three wheels with a scratch on the left head light.

Moral of the Scenes are; basically, I have lost my confidence in driving, and every time my husband urges me to drive, I make excuses and avoid it.
I so, want to drive. I seriously do. But, I can't gather guts to sit on the driver seat anymore.

God Help Me, Amen!


  1. Sounds like most of your issues are because you're driving a stick shift. Stopping on hills, at lights and in traffic and being unable to roll off the line are all issues many of us face. Its totally cool. Keep practicing your brake-clutch balance at stops and you'll be okay. If not, I recommend your next car be an automatic. Happy Driving ! :-)

    1. I have started my practice, but i still do mess up at times. Yes, I agree I need a lot of practise :)
      Thanks for dropping by AI


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