Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Story Story: Interview with the Ex - Part 1

Her Samsung S7 Edge phone chimes inside her Michael Kors bag and her Samsung android watch says that it is an unknown number calling. But, that number looked very familiar. She plugs in her bluetooth headset and

Her: Hello

Caller: Hi, I am calling from Tee Infotech, you were working here right? We have an opening and thought, that you might be suitable for the role in the Marketing.  Can you come down for an interview?

She was not looking for a change, but the prospect of going back to that company, seeing her old boss & old colleagues was exciting though.

It has been more than a year that she quit, on good terms. 
And she had grown well in her career in that one year, earning six times more than what she was paid there, buying brands that she would have never dreamt of while working there.

It was a nice work place, the work was good, the people were fine, she made a lot of friends. But, her boss was somewhat aloof, her colleagues there did not include her in activities in spite of her friendly attitude..

She has had dialogues in her head with that boss a million times. 

After a long pause and a small sigh

Her: Ok, when?

Caller: At 10 am tomorrow, the same office, so you want me to sms you the address?

Her: No, I know the place 

Maybe this time, I can say those rehearsed dialogues loud

To Be Continued on Friday...


  1. Attention to details... uff!! Too much! This is good. Trust me, the teaser in the end is only increasing the curiosity to read the next part :D

    1. You are way better than me my khasum khas friend


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