Friday, April 29, 2016

Short Story: Interview with the Ex - Part 2

In part 1, she gets a call from the old company for an interview again with the same department and the same boss who was never very nice with her.

Part 2 is about the day of the interview

She slept, that night with the interview call and the dialogues in her head. She carefully chose her best silk blouse and a smart expensive pant suit for the interview, with her diamond stud earrings.

She lay on her bed and said This time I am going to kill it

The next morn, she took her car to the interview and in her head she thought. A year back, I used to take the bus and reach all tired and sweaty This little thought made her chuckle.

Tee Infotech' the board stared in front of her face. The logo of the company had changed. She had liked the classy black logo with a Serif font. This one screamed 'desperate' on its face. She didn't like the new orange & green font at all. Hell, it was Tee Infotech not a Tutti Fruitti ice cream company. But why should she care. She is no longer working over here. Her current business card read 'Head of Marketing, Datasyst'. Had it not been the urge to meet her ex-boss... the chance to see him just once more... she wouldn't have thought of coming over here.

The security of the office recognized her. She was the only employee who used to speak to every person in the office.

Everything in this office still looked the same. She entered the office to see a new receptionist.

Her: I am here to meet Mr. Shateer Neygi

Here she was rehearsed thinking what she would say as soon as she met him... and this unknown lady was making her wait for 600 odd seconds. Great!

While she was lost in her thoughts, the receptionist hung up her intercom and said, Mr. Neygi will see you now.

She knew the way to Shateer Neygi's cabin. She had spent hours inside that room in the past. And even the uninitiated could read those block letters on the door of his cabin. She knocked the door

Come in, said the familiar voice with a deep baritone

In barely a few seconds minutes, she was ushered into the ex-boss's office. The boss shot an appreciative look towards her.

Boss: Hi, nice to see you again

Mr. Neygi
was a huge man by stature and a very powerful man in this field. His presence made her feel so small and the voice just vanishes. She could never call him by his name. She always addressed him as "sir" then. She gathers her fallen confidence and voice and says

Her: Good to see you too

Boss; So, I am looking out for a marketing assistant. Its a similar role you were doing a year back.

Her: Do you need a person as senior as me to do that job?

Boss: You were good at it

The conversation was going exactly as she had imagined in her head all this while, she thought about her achievements of this one year and her confidence shot up

Her: I am not good at it anymore, I am the best in this. She said with a satisfied smile

The boss had not expected this reply from this one time timid boring looking girl

Her: You see, after going from here, I worked with companies that have their policies in place. They treated me like I should be. My opinions were respected, I was in real the part of a team. It made me feel good and showed in my performance

Boss: You were getting paid 30000 per month when you left. I will give you 70 and a good joining bonus with it

In her head she thought, now, now I use my trump card dialogue.

Her *smiles triumphantly* I was earning 30000 per month when I left. Now, add one more zero after the last zero of 30000 is what I get now. I don't think this company can afford me any more.
Anyways, it was nice meeting you again Shateer. This might be the first time that she actually addressed him by his name.

*the girl in her head punched the air* shook his hand and walked away with wide smile.

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