Monday, April 25, 2016

CTT: My Make-up kit

This Sunday, after a many weekends I was at home relaxing, nothing to do. The idiot box had nothing to watch. The afternoon was too hot to go out. So I decided to browse some girly, make-up videos on youtube.

I realized a few things,

1. I do not own or know the names of half the things

2. I do not own a lip pencil or a liquid lipstick, in fact I do not own a decent lipstick apart from the one I got during my wedding

3. I do not know or have an eyebrow plucker

4. I didn't know that there is something called as a fake eyelash.

5. My mascara is as old as my mother and I threw it. I didn't know that mascara is supposed to have different brushes

6. My make up collection is humble kohl, eyeliner, and a fruity shine gloss

Me: I don't own half of these make-up thingys

Awin: Really? Then what takes you so long to get ready every morning

Me: I sleep in the bathroom

Awin: Ahh, the secret is out now

Me: Aren't you supposed to say, I don't need these because I look pretty and something like that

Awin *in a fake monotone*: Ok, You don't need all these, you look pretty. Happy?

Me *sighs, shuts the laptop* Ok I give up, Want to watch a movie?


  1. Cool post. Was laughing reading it and do check mine for A to Z on:

  2. Well I'm lacking in the makeup department too but it doesn't bother me because I don't wear any! BTW, hubby says I'm beautiful and don't need any. Wonder if his eye sight needs checking. LOL

    1. That you are Martha, a very pretty girl :)
      Thank God, that I am not the only person with hardly any make up products on me :P

  3. I don't own any of them, but then I love watching the videos. And when my husband sees me watching those videos, he is like.. what's the use of this? Anyway you don't implement these :)

    1. hahahahah it sounds similar to my conversations with my husband :P
      I love watching the videos too
      Thanks for the comment Art :)


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