Saturday, April 30, 2016

A-Z: Zomp

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This is the last day of the A-Z Challenge & I wanted to finish is with a different color & I am finishing this challenge with a 'Zomp'

Well, Zomp is a color from the Spring Green family. Its a shade of Cyan. Its 66% saturated & 65% bright. It was formed in 2007. (Baby color)


Its not the color that is fascinating
But, the name Zomp that is amazing

Zomp, the baby color, 2007 born has a zing to it
For the new age, it is a perfect fit

If ever, I have pets in life
I am going to name then Cyan & Zomp

This post is written for A-Z Challenge - April 30th - Color Zomp


  1. Zomp is a great name and I love the colour. Congratulations on finishing.

    1. Thank you Kalpanaa. Congrats to you too :)

  2. Well, I learned a new word today. Zomp. Ha! I will be keeping an eye on your Blog from time to time. Good job on your A-Z Challenge.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Thea :)
      Its good to have another encouraging reader

  3. Zomp? Thinking that is not the greatest name for a color. Hand me the zomp crayon. Very interesting theme. I'll have to look and see what other unknown to me colors are out there :)

    1. hahahahah Hand me a Zomp ...sounds a little bit vulgar when said out loud :P
      try Xanadu (I didnt know the color until A to Z)
      Thanks for dropping by Kristin


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