Thursday, April 28, 2016

A-Z: Xanadu

This is the color Xanadu
PC; colorcombos
Did you know that a color named Xanadu existed?
Well, I didn't

What is Xanadu?
It belongs to the green-grey family.

Where did the name come from?
Xanadu is a green-gray color that comes from a plant known as the Philodendron. The plant leaves are generally a green color with a tint of gray. This plant is widely seen in Australia, but it is said that the plant got its name from Xanadu, which was an ancient city located in Inner Mongolia, China.

What does Xanadu say about itself?
I am on of those rare ones who start with X
I am unique but look dull, like the suits of the execs

I am sold outside with a fancy name like gun metal
But, I am Xanadu in real

This post is written for A-Z April 28th (X for Xanadu)


  1. I was wondering what you'd choose for X in colours - I was hoping that Xanadu looked like a rainbow swirl to go with the name :) Leanne @ cresting the hill

    1. :) Had to do some searching for this color
      Thanks for dropping by Leanne :)

  2. wow thats Interesting..

  3. Lovely color. My X post is up

    1. Thanks for dropping by Alasandra :)

  4. This is cool!! I didn't think I'd come across anyone else who picked Xanadu for the Letter X! Mine's about the place ~ Xanadu. :)

    1. What a coincidence.
      I never thought someone would know the small ton of Xanadu :)
      Your comment brought a smile to me. Thanks

  5. I never knew this fact. I've got philodendrons growing around inside the house and they are this color. Fascinating. I adore color.

    1. Oh, how awesome is that.
      I would love to see a real philodendrons in real.
      Thanks for sharing and dropping by Ally :)


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