Monday, April 25, 2016

A-Z: Ultramarine

So, I did not know colors from U. So obviously, I hit Google, searched and I realized something. Every shade of every combination of Red, Blue, and Green has a name.
PC: colornamefacts

The color that I have chosen is "Ultramarine" 
It is a deep, beautiful, brilliant shade of blue that I was referring to all these days as "That pretty blue"

Since it is a shade of Blue - The quantity of Blue is maximum than red and green which are more or less under the 20's

What I remember when I see this color?

I remember the day my eyes fell on it
Lovely blue,flowy and so beautiful with little twinkles on it
It was like, the color had the voice of it own
It was seducing to the core
It was calling me, to try it on
It was wanting me to feel it
I knew, by hook or by crook I had to own it
I opened my purse, so see cobwebs formed in them
It was heartbreaking to leave and go
I reached home with a heavy heart
A wrapped gift  with a white ribbon was sitting on my couch
It was from Mom 
I opened the gift to find the same pretty blue saree
With loud cheer, a jump in the air and a tear of happiness 
I ran to Mom and said "You are God, Aren't you?"

This post is written for A-Z: April 25th (Color: Ultramarine)


  1. I was quite enthusiastic to know which colour you will bring in for U... (Y) great going .. I thing Z will also make you search.. :)

    1. Hi Deepti, Thanks for reading.
      It happens that I actually know a color for Z :P
      You will read it soon.

  2. To think I used to have to reference the 88 colors box of crayons!

    1. I did that too. Then I realized I do not know the names and references of so many colors :)
      Thanks for dropping by Kristin

  3. I would love to see a picture of this beautiful blue saree on you!!

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    1. Thank you Lianne :) Someday I might post one :)


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