Monday, April 11, 2016

A-Z: Indigo

Indigo is a color so dark, and yet so dainty
Neither violet or blue
Deep, dark and pretty
In the rainbow, it stands out, making an amazing view
Great devotion, wisdom & justice it indicates in Psychology
Oh! This color always reminds me of that old poetry

This post is written for A-Z- April 9th (Color Hot Pink)


  1. That was a beautiful play of words for a majestic color like Indigo. Do visit me :)
    @KalaRavi16 from

  2. I love this kind of thing, very well made! /xoxomake

  3. Now that's a fun right :D In a rainbow it does look so vibrant and beautiful.

    Visiting from A to Z Challenge
    Co-host Pam's Unconventional Alliance Team
    A Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller

    1. I so agree with you Rajlakshmi.
      Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. I like the color and the little rainbow ditty is cute


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