Saturday, April 9, 2016

A-Z: Hot Pink

PC: Shilpa Nair Blog
The new trend they say is Hot Pink
It genuinely makes me think

The lips so bold
I think I am a little too old

The top that stands out in any crowd
I am not sure if I'd be any proud

With a lot of apprehensions I wear
What the world thinks, I don't care

Like candy hearts, sweet or tarts
My Grand-kid says, Grandma, You look smart

My little red heart today, has turned Hot Pink, I must say

This post is written for A-Z- April 9th (Color Hot Pink)


  1. Lovely poem. Didn't know that you taking part in A to Z. It's ranveer vishal here from my other blog:)

    1. Hi Vishal. This is m first year at A to Z. Hope to read your soon. Thanks for dropping by BTW

  2. Haha you wrote a nice poetry on it and that too which rhymes well ;)

    H - A Hate Story


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