Saturday, April 2, 2016

A-Z: Black

PC: Pintrest
Black is the color of the night
Of death
Of coal

Black is the color of sleep
Of eyes
Of kohl

Black is the color of my hair
Of my tears of despair

Black is the color of clouds
Of rain
Of the day when you left me in pain

This post is written for A-Z: April 2nd (Color - Black)


  1. Replies
    1. It sure is :)
      Thanks for dropping by Solitary Writer :)

  2. Dee Dee, I'm impressed with anyone who can write poetry, especially haiku. I loved B for Black and look forward to reading more!

    Debs Carey

    1. Thanks a lot Deb :)
      Glad that you are impressed. All the best to you too

  3. Black is a favorite, even though it usually means something not so wonderful!

    1. Wel, Black i agree doesnt mean something wonderful. But it in the end of the day is a lovely color


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