Tuesday, March 8, 2016

CTT: I am not a Feminist

I wrote the article a few months back and wanted to post it on some Women related day "Women's day" or "Breast Cancer Awareness Day". Guess its time for this article to go public

I was reading an article in some newspaper that asked "Are you a feminist?"

My instinctive reply was "No, I am not"

Actually, if standing up for a woman who is getting beaten, or standing up for dowry, or standing up for a rape makes a feminist then I am a partial feminist.

 But, if someone runs a marathon without a sanitary pad, I think it's gross and unhygienic, there is nothing feminist about it. If someone puts up a picture with period stained pants on Instagram, it's not feminist. It's a natural phenomenon and everyone knows it, no one needs it on their faces with a picture. It's nothing to hide about, but nothing to stand on the top of the roof and shout.

Standing for things like, woman should get a seat by asking an elderly man to get up is not feminism. Seeing a woman screaming at a man if his huge backpack touches her and backing her up is not feminism.
If feminism is about male-bashing, then I am not a feminist.

I think, I am more of a humanist (if there is a term like that)
I shall stand for it, man, woman, heterosexual, homosexual, any profession, doesn't matter if something is wrong I will stand for them.

I find many others echoing similar thoughts. Women need safety and many other archaic norms to be changed but they aren't blind to bizarre acts in the name of feminism and women these days openly refuse to back those who do insane things to prove that women are superior which in my opinion is hyped for no reason.

Enjoy being a woman, stand up for women in need, stand up for men who need you too. Its no power battle here.

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