Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CTT: French is was my new hobby

I have taken up on myself to learn new things, and I am still in the rookie phase of everything. I learnt quilling, I learnt crochet, I learnt a few other itsy bitsy things.

Now, I have taken up upon myself to learn a new language. French seemed to be the most achievable target.
So, I browse in the Play store and download a language teaching app. Very diligently, heard, said, wrote everything that app said.

P.S: I used some words on my clueless husband too.

The app said "Congratulations! You now 75% proficient in French" (never believe apps)

One fine day, a new colleague from France joined us, I was super excited since he was not just a cute well toned guy with sapphire blue eyes but a proper Frenchman and I was hoping to use my french talent on him.
He had this exotic French accented English (I dhu noth know zis)

He came with us for lunch on his first day. My colleagues knew my new app-hobby for French and asked me to converse with him in French. That is when I realized, all I knew was "Nice dog" "orange is a fruit" "My name is Dee" "What is your name" "Where is the toilet" "Where is the bus stop" " Hello, How are you" "Please and thank you" "Good Morning' "Good night" "Good Bye" "I love you"

Luckily, I was done with my lunch, and all I said was Excusez moi s'il vous plait...Merci and Au revoir.
I ran off, before anyone could ask me any questions in French or any language.

Now the cute guy, he keeps saying some small sentences in french with I have to Google most of the time to understand and I reply in English.

App Uninstalled: Check
Search for another hobby: Check
New hobby on the tow: Learn Mandarin
Hope: I am going to be a Chinese Government Translator someday
Reality: Au Revoir


  1. This made for a fun read. P. S. I know French ;) Learnt it for seven years. Without an app :)

    1. My parents know french. They studied in school and used it sometime. I am the desi born and bred :P
      Thanks for the comment Shailaja

  2. Replies
    1. Satyavachan :P
      Thanks for the comment Niranjana :)


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