Saturday, March 5, 2016

#DAshTalks: Shopping

Its Saturday evening & caramel cold coffee in my cup with the orange pink sky view from my balcony.

Me (leaning against the balcony wall): I think you should start a blog

Him (on the cane swing not even looking up from his laptop): For what joy?

Me: I love your photographs, so does the world. Start a photography blog

Him: And? 

Me: Get featured, get awards, get sponsorship, get money

Him: And?

Me: Take me shopping

Him: Oh, all this built up is for me to take you shopping.

Me: No, your credit card & your car keys are enough

Him (instantly getting up that cane swing): Not the car keys, you have already given both my headlamps scratched eyes. 

Me *triumphs* Yaay new dress, new shoes, new bag

He didn't start a blog but he has his pictures on Flickr (Click the link)

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