Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentines Week Special

So, there is this new kid at work. She is around 21, fresh out of college but is still in college in her head.
She apparently doesn't know that I am a Mrs for more than a year now, so during lunch she asks me "What are you doing for the Valentine week? Am sure you must be dating someone"

With mouthful of food and in no position to reply, I just nod. In my head I am like, What Valentine week?
And she goes on
"First its is Rose day, I have to buy a pink rose, I don't want  to be too obvious. I hope I get a red
Then its Propose day, I hope he knows that, I am so excited
Then I expect him to buy me a Ferrero Rocher on Chocolate Day
And I have seen this but brown teddy in the mall, I will take him there on Teddy Day
Then I will promise to never ever ever leave him on Promise Day
Oh my God & I will properly hug him on Hug Day
Then na, eeeeeee, we will kiss on Kiss day yaay
Then its Valentines Day. I have got a new red dress. I am sure he will love it."

I am like What? Do people even follow this crap so seriously?

Then I interpret in the crudest manner possible

1st he gives you rose & pataos you
Then he proposes you
Then he feeds you chocolates & gives you teddies, gifts and stuff to pamper you
Then he fakes a "I will never leave you babu, plomish"
Then he gets his chance, he kisses you
Then kiss turns into something and you guys get laid on Valentine's Day.

I think I interpreted it well. I am not sure why she had that pissed off look on her all day after lunch?


  1. Love it, but honestly, do those day exist? Gosh, I hope not! :)

    1. People create days at their own free will.
      I am not sure if these days actually do exists
      Google says they do
      Search valentine week

  2. Do you celebrate Valentine Day? I never do, but I'll try to write about it and the legend about it. I once sent my father aValentine together with my sister just for a joke. My mum believed it to be real. It was very funny. Have a nice Valentine day!
    Wil, ABCWTeam

    1. Everyday is Valentines for me Lol
      I mean why do you need a day to hug or kiss the one you love.
      And poor your mom I can understand what she must have gone through. Funny episode

  3. Valentine's day is just good for the business, like all others of these days, we even have grandma and pas day's.

    1. I agree with you Gattina
      Its very commercialized now
      We have every day these days, some are as nonsensical as Hug Day.
      Why do u need a day to hug the one you love


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