Wednesday, February 17, 2016

ABCW-House becomes a Home

The idea for this post is solely inspired from Sowmya from LOL: Life Of Leo. The idea touched me so deep that, its been lingering on my head from the time I have read the post.

Like I have a said gazillion times, that I have shifted cities a little more than a year back. So, coming from Mumbai, I have been born & brought up in a apartment, flats kind of structure with security always, cars parked inside the society, neighbors, kids to play, being social with neighbors during festivals etc.

So, I shifted to Bangalore & my husband painstakingly found a pretty house, in the Ground floor of a lone standing building in quite a popular area. The house was a sweet little 2BHK, with a grocery shop near by, a road to walk near by, but it had no security, the people staying in other houses parked their bikes right outside my door.  The few building constructions that were going on, had their temporary tents close to our house. Their kids used to always peek into my living room & the bedroom.
The bedroom faced a land with overgrown plants, where the construction workers finished their "morning chores", dogs peed.
I have this thing for airy and naturally lit homes & because of peeking people I had to keep my curtains drawn always for privacy.

After a lot of ranting, we shifted in September to a proper apartment, with facilities, security & the one that is close to our workplace. It is a little boring area, compared to the area that we were staying in and a major issue is that mobile phones do not have a range in my house.
As such, the house is beautiful, the kind that I loved, airy, all day natural light, neighbors, kids playing, skating, cycling.

And somehow, mostly I am broke, so I have made most of my creative skills and decorated the house with say a yarn hanging light, a glass lampshade, DIY dreamcatcher.
MY DIY's (LtoR - Dreamcatcher, String Lamp, Lampshade, Bottled lamp, Quilled Photo frame made with our wedding card)
Then we gave it personal touches with cane swing, box side tables, lampshades, pictures, string curtains (which my husband apparently doesn't like). Blue & off white theme for the living room with a french window, earthy brown & cream for the bedroom and silk maroon for Awin's office.

The huge balcony, makes a beautiful place for coffee and talks or swinging & talks at anytime of the day.
View from our balcony (B/W is left side and lake on the right)
A beautiful evening with coffee, conversations and a cane swing

This place makes me feel secure. Its easier to call the cabs and the pizza guys, they area is famous unlike my previous one where we had to navigate them through small lanes to reach us. Also, this place makes me want to entertain guests.
We get to spend more time at home, with each other. It has inspired me to take up new hobbies, our commute to work in horrible Bangalore traffic has considerably reduced.
All in all its gives a positive feel good home.


  1. When I read the title I was like, hey that's my post! :P

    I came here and see you being inspired from it. I feel so proud. Your home looks lovely and the personal touch shows. Where exactly do you stay in Bangalore?

    1. Hey,
      You are my inspiration for a quite a few posts Guruji ;-)
      Details will message you in private

  2. Home is where your heart is....nice post.

  3. Its very special to have someone inspiring around... wishing you all the luck with filling it all in like your heart desires!

    Have a nice ABC-Wednes-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  4. You are making a beautiful home, - it comes with time and creativity.

  5. You should totally feel secure and comfortable in your choice of house.


  6. very creative. I know about being broke!

    1. Lol, guess I am not the only one :)


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