Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Story Story 4: The Ring (Part 1)

Vishesh, is a small time pharmacist in a small town in Mahrashtra. His shop was across a very famous neurology speciality hospital. Everyday he would see many patients & their families passing by. It gave a very depressing feeling to see them day in & day out.
Vishesh, being an introvert was quiet most of the time in the shop.

His monthly earnings were just enough feed him two small meals a day. He traveled on a bicycle, come hail or rain.

One day, a man came to the shop with a strange request, he wanted a "Green color" pill. He didn't care what brand, what it would cure. He just wanted a "Green pill", confused Vishesh didn't want to get into any legal complications & lose his license to sell medicines, so he gave that man Herbal pills that are good for digestion & don't need any prescription.

That man gave a very eerie feeling, his presence there was kind of chilling.
After the man left, Vishesh saw a sparkling ring, with diamond  encrusted "T" on it.  By the time Vishesh came out to search for that man, he was already gone.
Vishesh kept that ring in safe custody for more than a month thinking that man to return for it & eventually forgot about that ring

One evening, while cleaning out his shop, the ring way lying in the back of the drawer sparking and shiny. It was as if the ring called out to him.
Vishesh, then was in dire need of money and decided to take the ring for himself
"Its not stealing, he has kept it & forgot, I did keep it for so long. Didn't I? Well, I am just taking it. This technically is not stealing"
This what Vishesh consoled himself with.

Late that evening, it was very dark when Vishesh closed his shop. The roads were deserted except for urchins sleeping on the pavements, people were in their houses, vehicles parked, street lights shown and it was dead silent.

Vishesh took his bicycle and started towards his house with a smile on his face and the ring in his pocket.

At some distance, a sinsiter looking bald man on a bike started to follow Vishesh. Every time Vishesh slowed down, the bike slowed down, every time Vishesh stopped the bike stopped. His house was half an hour more to go.

At one point Vishesh was so scared that his feet turned cold and pedalling the bicycle became impossible.

The man started to come close. Vishesh, couldn't move, his voice was choked, he knew this was his end.

TO BE CONTINUED ON MONDAY - 8th February 2016 - The Ring (Final Part)....


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