Monday, February 8, 2016

Short Story 4: The Ring (Final Part)

Previosly - A gist of The Ring (Part 1)
Vishesh a small time chemist finds a ring in his shop and takes it. The day he does a sinister looking man starts to follow him  - The Ring (Part 1)

The man was 20 meters away from Vishesh. He was covered in black. he looked like the reaper without his spear.
Tears were stung in Vishesh's eyes. In heart of hearts, he felt that the ring was cursed when he took it now he was sure that the ring is cursed and this is his end, here in the middle of the street.

The man was 10 meters away, Vishesh got down from his bicycle, but lost his balance and fell on the dusty road.
The street light shone on the man's face. He was wearing a mask & had mean looking, icy cold, death like blue eyes.

The man was less than 5 meters away from Vishesh, some how Vishesh was trying to scamper away from him, seeing this the mean man's pace increased.

The man now, stood towering tall over, rat like Vishesh. In that, dark night, the street light behind this man made a spooky halo over him.
Vishesh now, was crying and begging to be left alive, he was mumbling every prayer he knew.

The bald man, bowed down to now scared & crying Vishesh & took off his mask. Vishesh was feeling faint already and closed his eyes. he didn't want to see the face of death.
Vishesh, could control no more and opened his eyes to see the same man who left the ring on the counter.

The man gave a vicious smile to Vishesh & in a very screechy voice said "TRing TRing....TRing TRing... Give me my T-Ring"

A few people came running, and held that man by his shoulders and thanked Vishesh for distracting the mentally ill patient who ran away from the hospital for the third time.
Vishesh then cried louder than ever and  thanked every God in this planet and promised to  himself that he would move his shop away from any mental hospital and away from any patients who might give him a heart attack


  1. Hahaha! Just when you expect some supernatural twist... pagloo uncle makes an appearance! I like how you keep the stories real... even though they are almost on the verge of entering the fantasy genre. Good going gurl! :D

    1. I wanted that uncle to look creepy but nice. I like happy endings :) and my smiling readers. Thanks for the comment go-cool


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