Thursday, February 18, 2016

Misuse of laws

In a span of two week, I heard three horrifying misuse of laws.

Misuse incident 1
This woman who was talking in the bus, harasses her husband left right center. He cooks, cleans, works, takes care of the baby. He is not "allowed" to go meet his parents.
Now, I think he is frustrated enough and runs off as much as possible to meet his parents & stays with them. Now, this woman has no one to do the house work. So, she has devised a plan to get him caught in Domestic violence act.
Her exact words were "He will understand if he gets beaten in the police station for 5-6 days"
How I know the husband does the housework? The friend she was talking to said "But he only does all the work in your house right?"
She: "yes, now who will do if he isn't there?"

Misuse incident 2
A general acquaintance girl was in love with a guy but it didn't work out for some reason so she married another man of her parents choice.
The man's mother is an octogenarian and cant even move. The guy is quite decent.
This girl wanted to get rid of him, so she filed a Dowry case against him & his old mother and also said that her mother-in-law  (who can't even get out of the bed) tried to burn her.
The police enquiry happened. In one of those sessions, in the fit of rage the girl confessed that she wanted to get back to her old lover and so she had to get rid of the husband and obviously the girl lost the case.

Misuse incident 3
I was standing on the road waiting for a friend when this incident happened.
A young college going couple, were getting cozy inside a car. A young cop came and politely asked them to stop messing around, they tried to bribe him, he was honest and refused to accept any money. The girl suddenly started yelling at him & said "I will put a case on you saying you touched me inappropriately"
The young cop, was shocked and so was I. Immediately, the cop called up a lady cop to sort this.

In the above three incident, the most important laws to protect women have been misused Domestic Violence Act, Dowry Harassment Act & Outraging a Woman's Modesty Act.

I don't say all women who file cases under the acts are malicious, if 99% of them are genuine, there are those 1% who take undue advantage of being a woman.
In the same way, not all men are bad, though many are, but many are good and innocent & victims too.
But, our society's mind is set, its always the man who is wrong, its always the woman who is the victim.
I am a woman and I am pro to safety of women, but I am also pro to safeguard innocent men.


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