Monday, February 22, 2016

#FlipkartOutdoors - Your Experience

Let me start this post with a confession, I was about to bunk. I was snuggled inside a blanket on a Saturday morning & really did not want to get into any action mode.
Then the husband, pushed me out of the bed & dropped my to the pick up point. 

Altec Lansing Speakers
This is my first Indiblogger meet. I did not know any blogger in person, and what I saw was most of the bloggers knew each other for a while now.
Initially, I did feel awkward.  I sat alone in the bus and had made up my mind that I am going to get bored alone.
Then we reached the spot, I found a familiar face and got introduced to the group. So many celebrity bloggers, travel bloggers, food bloggers, it was kind of overwhelming for a baby blogger.
Polaroid Camera
We had our breakfast and headed to the stalls. 
The outdoor Altec Lansing waterproof, fall proof, idiot-proof speakers and in-ear earphones were the coolest among that lot.

Then the cute Polaroid cube. Look at that cute monkey. It had a 124 degree undistorted video, something cool for sport activities & outdoor trekking. Strap it on ur head and move on. It also has this Awwww factor to it

Sony outdoor camera

And we had a range of Sony outdoor camera. In my opinion, superb for long rides on the bike.
A outdoor tent, chairs display & Samsung S2 gear watch that everyone wanted on their wrists, frankly I liked the watch faces more than its utility. In my head I was matching the watch faces with my dresses.

I was all excited for thre activity.

I am proud to say, that I was the first one to walk on the cylindrical bamboo and the first one to get inside the water zorbing too,
I was my first time of both.

Then came walking on the plank & the zipping through, which I was sure I am going to bang myself on the pole & break my teeth.
I missed the fish spa.

I made lot of good friends, and some bloggers left me at awe. I am glad I didn't bunk.

The point when I felt that I am the first and the only idiot to do this



Picture Courtesy: Pic 1: Mayuri
Picture 2 AND 3: Sid
Video Courtesy: The lazy one in the center in grey is me. This video is shot with a GoPro Camera by Shrinidhi

Note: Anup from Indiblogger looks like Abhijeet for CID in Sony TV


  1. I am impressed! Did you do all those activities? Great post and I bet you had a wonderful time together.
    Wil, ABCW Team

    1. Thank you :D
      Yes, I did all those and much more & had a lovely time with my fellow bloggers.
      Thanks for dropping by Wil :)

  2. Replies
    1. very :)
      Thanks for dropping by Carlito


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