Monday, February 29, 2016

CTT: My husband is not my best friend

I see many of my friends getting married & celebrating anniversaries and writing "So happy to be married to my best friend" "My husband my best friend" "Share this if your husband is your best friend"
Great, Kudos for you. 

My husband is not my best friend. My best friend is married having a baby and settled in a different city.

I share a different  relationship with my best friend.  My husband is on the other hand is the second best man after my dad. My husband is the love of my life. We support each other,, discuss mundane things, play games, discuss work, respect each other, all what we do with a best friend, but my husband is not my best friend, he is much more.

The intimacy I share with my husband is something I would never share with my best friend or anyone. There are certain things that I do not discuss with my best friend.

My best friends have been in my life much before my husband stepped in. So, their roles in my life has been significant too, there are things that only my best friends know, there are things that I discuss with my best friend which doesn't involve my husband in any way, that doesn't mean I am hiding anything from him. Its just a part of me that is apart from my "married life" 

The thing is, If I equalize my spouse and my best friend then I feel I would be minimizing the role of my husband in my life. There is much more than friendship in a husband-wife relationship, there is a special bond, an intimacy. 

Like, I said, my husband is the best man in my life, I worry about him much more than I worry about any of my friends. He is my mate, my better or worse half, he will be the father of my kids. 
There a side of me that comes out only when I am with him, and not when I am with any of my best friends.
Though my best friends at times know more about me than my husband, there are also situations that my best friends know nothing about but my husband does.

I agree, a best friend and a husband, both the roles are similar but not the same. 

Movies, have created this thing that "friendship is love"

I say No.
I love my friends but its platonic. But, the love for my husband is emotional, and physical, there is nothing platonic about it.
I do not think about seducing my male best friend, my husband its a different story.

I am not demeaning the role of a best friend here, but just putting my opinion across that husband and the modern term BFF are two different ball games.

If I had to draw my life and the relationships in it, it would look like this

There is a thin line between family & a best friend but they fall in the same circle though but the husband falls in a closer circle.

This post is not to offend anyone, its just a personal opinion. 


  1. Tooo good. ... i find the best friend thing a farce...

    1. I know, its all stupid Bollywood influence

  2. haha... I liked the drawing :P perfectly said!

  3. Tu khatarnak thi hai aur hamesha rahegi !

    1. I take that as a compliment. Thank you :)

  4. This is so plain and natural like a must read

  5. I completely agree with that..

    And I like it when my best friend and husband can actully sit together and talk to each other too :)

    1. I love that too
      Thanks for dropping by Art :)


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