Monday, January 18, 2016

CTT: Why should one "look" married?

Its been a while that I am married. I  stay in a nice city where dressing is really not a restriction.
So, I don't dress like a typical married woman, meaning I don't wear a sindoor everyday, neither the mangalsutra not choodas or chudis.

Its not that I don't like them. Its isn't even like I want to hide the fact that I am married.
C'mon, I have a 5'9" walking talking proof called husband that I am married.

PC: Smit Photograhy:  Its my feet on my wedding day
I agree, there might be scientific reasons for all of those, but at some point doesn't it become an individual choice?

I work & travel quite a bit and I am scared of chain snatching & do not wear the mangalsutra, doesn't mean I am hiding the fact that I am married

I don't wear a sindoor everyday to work, doesn't mean I want to show that I am single neither do I want to show "back off" with a red signal on my forehead.

Yes, I do wear toe-rings because it looks cute & also there is a health reason for it too.

My husband, never had a problem in me not wearing the "taken" signs neither do my in-laws, but the world is more appalled to know that I am not evident with my relationship status.


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