Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Short Story 1: Life never moved on

I have planned to write a short story every week. Lets see how far I keep my promise.
So here goes, the first short story.

Its a beautiful day. Clear skies, pleasant weather, trees lush and green, kids playing in the park, Older people playing chess, the smell of flowers wafted through the air.

But, one person was locked inside, where it was all gloom, dark, dingy, the whole room smelt of dampness, urine & rotting meat.
People dared not to pass by this tiny house, kids dread creak of the windows of this house. It was as if its cursed. But, no one knew what is inside.

Inside, sat an old man rocking on a creaking chair alone, he rarely came out. He had his monthly groceries & other supplies done by his old sister, who might be the only visitor this house has seen for ages.

"Why can't you go out, its a beautiful day and will do good for your bones too" came a female voice from the kitchen
The only sound was the scrubbing of the kitchen floor and the Grandpa clock's ticking

"Are you even listening to me?" Jennie rose up from kitchen floor after scrubbing it clean.

She walks to Mark who is staring at an old photo album, Jennie touches his shoulders. Mark looks up but says nothing

No one who knew Mark 15 years back would have ever thought that some day he would turn into this mute vegetable who never leaves his house.

Jennie, looks to her brother who is sitting slouched on this rocking chair & thinks

Mark, always energetic, the most popular guy, the life of a party, an awesome businessman, smart personality, with dimples on his cheeks when he smiled and this mischievous look in his emerald green eyes.
So many women had an eye on her dashing brother & she was so proud of this fact. And then came one girl Emma.

Very cute, shy, almost invisible to the people in the room.

It was in a college reunion's drinking dare party, where Mark was supposed to kiss a girl chosen by his friends & they chose Emma, because of her plain Jane, no makeup looks.
When Mark went to kiss her, Emma refused which came as a surprise to him & to the others. No girl has ever turned down "The Mark".
Soon, Emma became a challenge for him & he started to pursue her to prove himself. As the days passed, the more & more he started to know about her, Mark fell in love.
The got married after 8 years of dating.

Emma, a bank executive at 30 and very pretty, she wasn't shy anymore, a lot of Mark's influence rubbed on her, on the other hand, Mark was humbler & an established businessman at 34.
They had a beautiful beach wedding, followed by a lavish reception.

They traveled a lot, made love, brought a beautiful house by the park & decorated it with lots of love.
They loved children & wanted one of their own, they tried. Emma did conceive trice but had three miscarriages in the first term itself. This took a toll on Emma's mental health.

After 9 years, Emma was pregnant again. Mark was elated to get the news that Emma is expecting. He loved the thought of little Emma.
Suddenly, one morning 5 months pregnant Emma collapsed. Emergency ambulance was called, Mark was terrified.
Emma was declared dead before being brought to the hospital. She had a fatal heart attack.

That heart attack, had broken Mark's heart, from then he stopped living. He stopped smiling. He stopped meeting people. He stopped talking.
Slowly times passed by, the house they decorated together was falling apart just like Mark was inside. He lost his will to live. He lost his wife, his best friend, his life.
He lived a meager
life on the money they had saved for their life.

Jennie turns again to see Mark still staring at his wedding picture, where Mark looked very happy & Emma was glowing in her pink wedding gown.

Its been 15 years to that fateful day.

Jennie often thought "How can someone be so in love with another person that losing that person robs the life of this person"

Someday, Jennie hopes to see her brother smiling again. Someday


  1. Awww. This is so heartbreaking! It reminds me of that Disney movie Up. The one that had me crying ten minutes in. Thank you for making me cry like Up.
    Kidding, haha! But this was still a very good emotional story!

  2. Aw, it's a very sad story, but also beautiful in a way because of the deep love between Emma and Mark. I can't even imagine how devastating it would be to lose the love of your life. Thanks for sharing your story for #WODW!

    1. Must be very hard
      Thanks for dropping by Mia :-)

  3. Sad story but it makes me think of that question, Is it better to have loved and lost or to never have loved at all?
    I think Mark prefers the memories, even if the good times only lasted a short time.
    Going to follow your blog and social media now. Hope you'll check me out too.

    1. Thank you Runwright
      and I agree with you Its better to have loved and lost than never loved at all

  4. How heartbreaking! I know it's easier said than done, but I imagine the deceased would want their surviving loved one to LIVE and LOVE and feel JOY again --not squander the rest of their life in utter sadness.

    I loved this though! Right up my depressing alley :) Haha!

    Keep writing, Dee Dee! Thank you for joining us!


    1. I agree with you Shelly.
      thanks for dropping by :-)


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