Friday, January 22, 2016

Short Story 2: Tragic Obssession

Naina & Abhi, the ideal couple. They were dating each other for close to 8 years now. They were a very nice looking couple, charming & inseparable, which after a point their friends got annoyed of. There was never Abhi without Naina.

Though many times, Abhi preferred a proper guys evening but Naina always tagged along.
Naina was very possessive about Abhi, she did not liked the sexually colored jokes his friends made, she hated how Abhi spoke to his female friends and she hated the way they smiled at him
Abhi wanted to talk to Naina about it for long now, he loved her but he loved his life & being with his friends too.

One evening, Abhi decided to talk to Naina & get things straight, but never expected that things might turn this ugly. There were lot of shouts, screams, name calling, mud slinging, tears and that night, they broke up.

Naina couldn't believe that Abhi just dumped her. Her possessiveness soon turned obsessive. She could go to any extent to get Abhi back.
She stalked him on social networks. She started peeping into his house with binoculars.
While walking back to her house, one night, Naina saw an ad that claimed that any relationship or lost love can be brought back into you life with the help of black magic.
Naina, didn't hesitate for a moment & called on the number given on the ad.

Naina "Hi, Is this Magic Life"
A rough male voice with a bad English replied "Yes, Who speaking"
"I wanted some help regarding my love life, I saw your ad"
That Man "Yes, You come, We help, bring Rs. 15000/-, and come looking like a bride with all the jewelry, the magic should think you is a wife"
Naina "OK. I will be there tomorrow"

In the meanwhile, a group of rogue men were laughing, "Dudes, we got another loaded bird coming in"

Next morning, Naina reached the said address dressed like a bride with the hope to get Abhi back. A man in orange outfit with ash on his forehead escorts her inside a dingy looking house.
Suddenly, out of nowhere a hand with a chloroformed handkerchief comes and gags Naina's. She faints and falls on her attackers feet.
They drag her to a room near by and rob her of all her money and gold. While she is still sedated, she is undressed and raped by six men in that room while they took chances capturing a video of the act.
Then they haphazardly wrap her with the bed-sheet &  and throw her in the woods near by.

Her parents and frantically search for her and so do Abhi & the police.
After 10 days, they find a woman's body who died of excessive bleeding. That woman was Naina.


  1. Very well written on how gullible souls fall prey to such traps looking for love. Gritty and powerful.


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