Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just Another New Year post

Good bye 2015!

It has been a good year though, lot of new experiences, lot of travel, lots of fights, lots of smiles, lot of learning, and also a bit of a low phase, a bit of a high phase.

It was more like a Bollywood movie, a super hit movie though.

On 31st, while I was driving back with Awin, I was reminiscing about 31st December was celebrated when I was a kid.
Our society used to have a year end annual function, we kids used to be excited about it all of December, preparing for it all month.'
Mornings used to be for sports for kids - Lemon & Spoon, Running race, Sack race, Relay etc.
Evenings were dedicated for fancy dress, singing, solo dance & group dance.

And the highlight of the evening was the "old man".
Well, we kids used to gather twigs, sticks, hay, old shirt and an old pant and stuff and make a cloth face and burn him. It signifies the going of an old year and welcoming the new one.

I miss my old days.

Anyways, I have a few resolutions this year, which i am not going to write here. But, there are some resolutions that I intend to keep up.

More attention to Rantzz of A Drama Queen: In 2015, I gave a lot of attention to my new blog, and I did get emails from people that they want to see more updates here. So, I have promised myself I will write more here

One Week One post: This year I will consciously try to write at least one post a week. I hope to have at least 48 posts this year

Family to Greedy: What I am going to write about? Silly poems, long posts, rants and yeah! I am greedy to win contests to quite a few contests too.

In the end, happy 2016 to all.
Love, Eat, Pray & Be Happy

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