Monday, January 25, 2016

IB: First Crush

My first crush, well I have been blogging for almost 8 years and there has been no mention on him.

I was I think 13, he looked around 23-24ish. He used to park his car in front of my apartment and stand there chatting with his friend.
He had lovely eyes, a beautiful face, nice shoulders and an uber cute smile.
I was a tiny shy looking girl, and to him I was a kid, so he never bothered looking at me then.
I knew nothing about him, not his name, not where he comes from, what he does in life, nothing. I just knew the number of his car and the approximate time that his car would come, around 7.30pm

So, every evening I would wait for his car to come, and take my little red bicycle and pass my him at least 5 times. (How silly was that)

Years, went by and he became a faded memory. One day I saw him walking in a park, I was in college by then, I ran across the park like a woman possessed and jumped in front of him, I am sure I would have scared the daylights out of him.
I took a minute to catch my breath, he patiently waited for me to become normal.
I knew from the way he looked at me, that he did recognize me
By then, I had grown up & was more confident, so I told him that ages back I had a crush on him & I told him his car's number and asked if he still has that car.

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He looked amused, and flashed that cute smile again and said yes, that car was still there.
He told me, that he knew that I was crushing on him, he was married & had a 6 month old baby now.
His relationship status didn't matter to me though, but knowing his name (which I have forgotten now) and telling him what I felt when I was a kid,was a big thing for me then.

We bump into each other sometimes, and greet with a "Hello" but that is that.
My first crush M*-03-K-2**0


  1. Aww! Your post is inspiring me to write a post about my first crush but need some guts ;)

    1. try it, am sure it would feel good.


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